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You Were Here

You were here
Loud and proud
Splashed ink
On colourful canvasses
Loved deeply
Pursued your dreams
With unsurpassed passion
Refused to tame your curiosity
Explored uncharted terrain
With gusto and ferocity
Over vast seas
Rugged plains
Serene vegetations
Undulating mountains.

You were here
Fought, kicked, screamed
Damn, you were relentless!
Sure as hell admirable
How you cared not an iota
About the naysayers
Rebellion became you
You embraced every fibre
Of non-conformity
Revelled in the spirit
Of distinctness
Vibrated on the innermost
Frequencies of your reverberations
Unleashed the beast
Of your untapped potential.

You were here
Quite no one like you
Your scent still lingers
Your aura still seeps
Into the depths, recesses of hearts
Your left a trail of magnificence
In your wake
Damn, yours was a life fully lived!
The remnants of your essence
Echo through the voids
What a presence you had!
‘Indomitable’ defined you.

Emulate you, we must
You sure knew how to speak
The language of influence
It could never be denied that
You were here.

© 2017. Sakhile Mogale
Title: You were here

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