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You Can. Period

Let’s not dilly dally and invent believable excuses about why you cannot do what you purport to do about your goals and dreams. You are psyching yourself up by giving colourful, albeit, bad excuses about why you shouldn’t do what you know will get you to the next big milestone, an octave higher, further afield. The thing is, you know deep down that you are running away from your deepest desires because fear has got you in its merciless clutches of entrapment. It has you hook, line and sinker.

But here is the thing; deep down you know that you can achieve your greatest dreams. Period. No complex analogies needed here. Your subconscious mind knows it is destined to churn greatness. You know you can. Period. The problem though…you are so deeply entrenched in the clutches of fear that the prospect of going out of your comfort zone is chilling, right to the depths of your bones. You psyche yourself up by telling yourself that your menial efforts to move from point A to B will suffice. Well, it’s not enough.

You cannot achieve more if you stay in your zone of bubble bliss. The thing is, you can achieve more than your current capacity to achieve. You were made for greatness. Heck, you ooze greatness from every morsel of your well-oiled machine. Rev up that machine and leave in your trail a smoke of imprints that can be permanently traced to the mark you left. You can achieve more than you set out to. You can. Period.

Sometimes we don’t want to make deep analogies about how we know that we can achieve our dreams and goals. Believing that you can should be good enough to propel you towards the next step: action. Action is the oil that maketh the motion. Actiongoal-setting-1955806_640 is the ingredient that makes a difference between bland and exquisite. So, you see, your colourful excuses about why you cannot take action towards that which you desire are the very excuses that are limiting your capacity for achievement.

Let’s talk truths. Let’s be brutal. Let’s lay it all bare. The brutal truth is that if you don’t exercise your mind to explore more than what it currently knows and is used to, it reaches an eeringly comfortable state of complacency that is not good for potential growth. This comfortable zone of complacency is the same zone that will give you reasons why you should stay in your current nest and protect your nest eggs. Stay in this nest long enough and you won’t even know what it means to try uncharted territory.

There is no safety in security. Chuck what you have heard about safely and security out of the window. To achieve greatness you must be willing to jump into the seas that could be shark-ridden ( but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t try) with the strong faith that you will come out victorious on the other side.

The gist of this article is that you should trust in your capabilities for achievement by knowing that you can. Period. Demonstrating the other side of comfort is essential to draw the parralells between what you hold dear (comfort) and what is stopping you from doing more (fear).

The takeaway message is that you should believe that you can achieve what you set to and that you shouldn’t let comfort or fear threaten the more that you can learn on the other side of fear and comfort. Emphatically saying, “I can. Period,” stamps firmly in place the propensity for achievement with the right mindset and drive to delve more into uncharted territory.

As you decide whether you will continue making colourful excuses about why you are not taking the leap to greatness or having an internal debate with yourself about why your comfort zone is the best place to be, just remember one thing: nothing that is great and extraordinary was ever achieved in the comfort zone. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable if you want to achieve more.

You can. Period. Tell yourself that and your life will transform in ways you could not possibly have conceived possible.

You can. Period. Enough with the colourful excuses. Begin…now!

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