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Write. Speak. Motivate. The day you choose to consciously make an impact in the lives of others through experiences,lessons,teachings ,sharing, you would have ignited the desire and passion for aspiring for more.

When you write your aim is to send a message across. What kind of message are you sending across when you present yourself to the public at large? What do you want people to know about you? What do you seem to impart when you write what you write. Answer these questions with the utmost honesty. In that you would have found your truth.

Have you written ? Then speak. It’s on paper already. The next step is to verbalise. Be verbal about the message you are sending across. Your aim is to inspire through your words. Invest in yourself so that you can invest in others.

By virtue of having written and spoken your truth,you are closer to real motivation. Motivate. When someone is down,find a way to make them smile. When your friends are in need of your support, be there for them. We start by impacting the lives of those in our immediate circle. We expand our horizons until we make an impact in the lives of many. Be the voice. Be the force for good.



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