Write|Speak|Motivate Series – Introduction

The Write, Speak, Motivate series tells of our journey to discovery of new and unconventional lifestyles and ways of life. What this series aims to set in motion is to unleash in its trail a set of inspirational stories of people who have faced the most gruelling odds and yet are thriving and smiling. This series will follow how such people write what they believe in, speak to reinforce the belief and motivate to make a difference in the lives of others. We cannot deny the power of positivity and positive reinforcements in life. Your life lived as a person who takes pride in optimism affords you the ability to deal with your setbacks quicker and move on. For you, life is too short to be holding century long grudges and hanging onto things that no longer serve your well-being. This series sets to evoke and invoke in you the emotions and experiences that made an impact in the life of another.

In a world which is about pioneering change, why would you choose to not take advantage of this era and use it to the best possible cause? Indeed why would you deny yourself the chance to be a change in the lives of others and yours? In such a world of innovation, of progression through technological advancements, education systems that have made use of the fast growing tech era, of a miscellaneous pursuit, why would you deny yourself a chance to make a difference?

This series seeks to enlighten people to greater purpose through writing, speaking and motivating. A world united is a harmonious world. A world that sets to uplift its communities is a just world. Through our dialogues, videos, podcasts, we will share the successes of those who made an impact in the lives of others. Be part of this journey. Be the writer, speaker and motivator in the lives of others and yours. Be your own voice of reason.


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