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Writer’s Haven

The concept of being a writer comes with such a heavy title. A writer has the gift and ability to project thoughts onto paper with such vividness it blinds the glares of the peeping rays of light. A writer is able to completely and imaginatively build a utopian world that has never been inhabited, never been thought to exist in the spectrum of this universe. The gift a writer possesses is one of the most enviable gifts known to man. Projecting your thoughts SUCCESSFULLY onto paper is the most creative concept of all. When you, as a writer, are able to invoke and evoke so many emotions in a single person – we are talking about a whole being here – then you know that you have accomplished your calling. Moving mountains for people is no light feat. The ability to completely change the paradigm is nothing short of envious.

Having a whole imaginative spectrum at your disposal is no light attribute. It means that at any given moment you are able to use more imaginative concepts to create different worlds that it becomes a part of your being in all you do and say, but most of all write. Writers are of course diverse and far reaching. It should not be misunderstood as being writers for novels and books only. Writers come in many shapes and forms. Some writers thrive in the online world of article generation and purposeful social interactions through the World Wide Web. Some writers thrive in the world of paper as poets. They give poetry a whole new level of masterpieces-at-work. Masterpieces need accolades and recognition to blossom and flourish perennially. Poetry is one such masterpiece that deserves the elevation to independent stand-alone discipline. Its time. Some writers flourish in the world of fantasy, the world that fiction unravels in and has made a haven of. These writers create so many utopian ideals it spins the world of the minds that are avid followers of writing as a discipline.

Writing comes with so much emotion. With every paper and every word you are opening your heart out to readers. You are exposing a part of yourself that is so powerful it is read by many. Emotions run high because every emotion you pour out on paper is so vivid in your imagination that you feel it with every fibre of your being. You are the inceptor and thus it comes rather harshly or beautifully sweet it cannot be anything else than experiencing emotions first hand. As a writer you are gifted with the ability to project what orators orate on paper. When you are a poet and a writer then you are gifted with the double effect of orating and well as writing on paper. That is a powerful gift that the world needs to see and feel.


On any given day, do you take a moment to think about how we have evolved in our society through the transmissions of messages from one person to another, one community to another, one country to another, one continent to another with the sole purpose of spreading information, ways of life, statutes and promulgates, transference of cultural and religious beliefs.

The information spread over the decades, the centuries, the eras is one NEVER to be underestimated. Information is a powerful weapon where if used for the greater good will empower and change a whole being into perceiving the world a certain way, over and above  their own perceptions. Conversely – very tragic to say – writing can be used for the bad. Perpetuating the bad, pushing propagandas that affect the lives of many so badly it displaces the very fragments of their existence.

Going back to the first line of the article, ‘The concept of being a writer comes with such a heavy title.’ Being a writer places you in such a position where you are able to change the perceptions of others, even if only a smattering of it. There are really no other words to portray this besides the very real fact that writers can create and transform a void to a fully-fledged spectacular script. It would seem that I would come across as someone who is exalting writers. I am by no means putting writers on a pedestal. I am admiring the craft, the gift to be able to successfully portray thoughts from your medulla oblongata to the paper/laptop screen in front of you.

The title ‘Writer’s Haven’ comes with such a level of contentment for those who are very comfortable with sharing their thoughts with all to see and absorb. To those who acknowledge and embrace that they will feel a whole spectrum of emotions and not let that stop them from completing a masterpiece. With the word ‘haven’ we say enjoy and completely enthrall yourself in your sanctuary.


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