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Write, Human, Write

As your words gush out in torrents

As ferociously as the Vic Falls

As temptestous as the stormy seas

Write, human, write

Pour your convoluted, cluttered thoughts

Onto a blank slate

Write your memories

Construct your utopia

Pour out those gnawing desires

Wanton by definition

Visceral by designation

Write, human, write.


Pull the puppet strings

Of your disoriented thoughts

Mould those buggers into corrigible thoughts

Sketch the labyrinthine maze

Write your way out and amaze

Write, human, write

Jot those perennial dreams

Floating like clouds in sheer wonder

Amaze yourself today

Spill that ink

Paint the walls of your words red

Reinforce those ideals until they are read

Out loud and proud

For the child of tomorrow

He who clings to the ideals

Of beautiful designs

Write, human, write.


Write, human, write

Transform mind-sets

Set precedents

Communicate your woes

Pour your heart out

Toss out old ideals

Trust your words

Like the architect that you are

Building grandiose designs

Beautifully constructed nouns and verbs

Package your thoughts neatly



Write, human, write


Let the blood pump

Life into your words

Breathe, human, breathe

Express your thoughts

Realign your goals

Write like you will never lay eyes

On another pen ever again

Finish that blue ink

Put some splatter on your page

Your were here

You felt the presence

Of your heartbeat

Pour out into your very soul

Write, human, write

Tomorrow is not guaranteed

Today you are teeming with life

Own your words

Build a fortress around them

Savour every word

Taste the sweetness of nectar

Today you are one with your words

Write, human, write.




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