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Have you ever heard of a word that was very long and you couldn’t pronounce it too confidently and wondered where such is used? Well, you are not alone. One comes across words that are not used in every day language and as such are intriguing. This section will be the hub of interesting words that one comes across and shares in the process. Let us make words fun and bring cool back. Get your nerd glasses on because we are about to rock this hub – the wordsmith way! Wordsmith Junkie is about creating an interactive hub of people that appreciate and love words. Comment as much as possible with words that you have come across that are intriguing and would therefore want to share.

Here are a couple of words that have been put together by crazy (we love crazy, don’t we?!) but cool people and are interesting to know. Ooh, don’t bite your tongue while pronouncing them.

FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION– This is a word that describes something that has little or no value. Pronounce it without biting your tongue. Ha ha.

PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS– Very long word that defines a sickness that is asbestos related and causes inflammation in the lungs


Which words have you come across that seem quite bizarre and really really, just…bizarre? Comment below. Share. Let’s interact.

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