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Why Not You?

Deep down you know you are destined for greatness. Your ultimate goal is to see your dreams come true and live the life you have always envisioned. You know this.

You are capable of achieving and attaining greatness. You have what you need to propel you forward. You know this but…

But…you are not pushing yourself harder to crack massive milestones. You are pushing yourself just hard enough to say that you are working on your goals. But…you are not utilising your full potential. You are great, but you could be better. You know this but…

You are selling yourself short. You owe it to yourself to give the best out to get the best out. You are simply falling short at every turn. Own up to this and make it build you instead of tearing you down.

Remember that when you own up to something, you take the power back to you. You have the power to change the outcome. Make it count. You are selling yourself short by not asking, ‘why not me?’

Ask yourself who are you not to achieve your goals and dreams? You have what it takes to reach for the stars, as the cliché goes. It’s cliché, but true. The power is within you. ‘Why not me?’ Ask yourself that every time you contemplate what move to make next.

Remember that there is always a positive solution to everything. You just have to be willing to dig through the rubble to get the precious gemstones.

Nothing that is worth the work comes easy. Success doesn’t come easily. Keep pushing, pulling, prodding, asking, analysing, you will get a resolution. There is ALWAYS a resolution. Just know when to start looking for solutions after you have determined the nature of the problem and how it will be solved.

Act fast once you know what to do. You are selling your short if you are not maximising on your strengths. ‘Why not me?’ Ask yourself that.

Believe in yourself. Why not me? Why not you indeed. Own it. Achieve it. Leave footprints.

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