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When The Going Gets Tough, Stick to your guns

When you take the road less travelled in life,  you will meet opposition. The greatest opposition will come from the people close to you. They will want you to go back to your comfort zone and keep on doing what you were doing before.

They will ask you, “Why are you putting yourself through so much struggling just to take a path you may not see the fruits of immediately, when you can just continue with what you were doing before?”

The thing that drives most people to keep on doing the same things they are doing which are not bringing them happiness or challenging them is FEAR. Fear is a powerful force that keeps people grounded where they are. It prevents them from having the courage to go for what drives them the most.

Fear loves comfort, hence fear and the comfort zone are bosom buddies. Those who ask you why you are choosing the path less travelled when you can just continue on the same path that makes you unhappy are projecting their own fears onto you.

Here is the thing about life : it’s too short. It being too short means that you should live the life you want and feel happiness from your innermost core.  It matters that you’re happy. What’s the point of being miserable when you can be happy?

Okay, about the road less travelled. You will face opposition. Be ready to be truly alone in this path. People will only support you once they see outward fruits of success. Until then, you’re alone. Until people see you driving that Jeep or Range Rover, in their eyes, you are a failure who is meandering through life with no ambition. Know all these things and don’t be phased by them. This is your life to live.

If you are happy on the road less travelled,  stick to it. It will get tough. It always does. Honestly, life dishes out these little plates of tests – one after the other. You must be courageous enough to stick to your guns no matter how tough it is. Stick to what drives you. It will bear fruits. Worthy pursuits always bear fruits.

Stay the course, dearest reader, on the road less travelled. Revel in the awesome moments along the way.

Make every day a day worth living. Life is about the journey and not so much the destination. Enjoy your journey on the road less travelled, stick to your guns and work like crazy to get to where you want to go.

Remember that you are alone on the road less travelled. Support from loved ones would be great, but just know that for the most part, you are alone. That should fuel you to strive harder and keep on going.

You are allowed to make mistakes in life. You are allowed to fail and rise from those failures. The primary reason why people fear failure so much is that they allow society to dictate to them what they should be doing at a specific age and what they should have accomplished by that age.

The truth is,  your life is a personal journey. Just because Person A acquired the white picket fence and all its trappings earlier in life, it doesn’t mean everybody else will. The moment you let society dictate to you how you should live,  you lose the essence of your own voice.

Carve your own path, make your own mistakes and live a happier fruitful life. You are on the right path. Stick to your guns.

Don’t let other people’s fear of their own shadow scare you into submission and prevent you from exploring your potential. Life is too short to be on a path that doesn’t make your heart sing.

Keep on keeping on, your fruits of success will show. When the going gets tough, stick to your guns.

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