When Embarrassment And Humour Cross Paths

You know those moments…those moments that give you mild embarrassment when you recall them. Well, here is what I have to say about them.

Find the humour in them. Sure you bumped the door, but hey, wasn’t it funny that you completely failed to see the glass door right in front of you? Hilarious! Find the humour in moments like these. You get over the embarrassment pretty quickly.

I would be remiss to add humour in moments that others find extremely embarrassing and find no humour in. This article is for those moments that have humorous elements in them despite your embarrassing stint.

So you tripped and fell, huh? Eish! A few people saw your rather awkward fall. Of course you are embarrassed. I mean what are the chances, you wonder. But it happened to you.

Instead of wallowing in the embarrassment, look for a funny element to it. Maybe you were finally able to sort of practise your ‘matrix moves’  – except, well, that played out quite differently than you envisaged. Laugh at your crappy ‘attempt’ to do a matrix dance in full view of people and get up and try again ( not to fall though).

Perhaps you said that one thing that got people staring at you in utter disbelief.  You said it, didn’t you?! There you are, in a rather awkward position with the people you are with.

What do you do? Do you distance yourself from your circle of friends just because of one moment of embarrassment or do you tell all those listening that you can be silly sometimes and that it was just a mishap? If you do the latter you are able to laugh at yourself more.

You learn about yourself in different areas of your life. The more you learn about yourself, the more you can unlock to unleash your potential.

So you see, laugh when you are embarrassed. You will not remember this moment three months from now. Stop stressing so much. The earth will not fall. Laugh at the silly things and just learn to be.in.the.present.

When embarrassment meets humour, open the door and let them in.



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