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What If…Would You?

What if you just woke up this morning with optimistic ideals about changing the world. Would you let those ideals and dreams manifest?

What if today you have a spring on your step because you have finally bulldozed the debris off your cluttered rubble heap. Would you celebrate this milestone of a newfound change or would you dismiss it as a non-event?

What if you have decided to tend to your garden and grow more vegetables. Would you go ahead and plant anew or would you be discouraged by the work that goes into gardening and decide against it?

What if your world was shattered in a defeaning life-altering happenstance. Would you pick up the pieces brick by boring brick and try again or would you be engulfed by your melancholy whispers of despair?

one-way-street-1113973_1280What if – just what if – you decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue your life-long dreams with fervour and trueness of spirit unparalled by anything else you have ever felt. Would you go for it or would you let fear anchor you to the ground?

What if you carried yourself with grace and sophistication that can only come from years of knowing yourself and your untapped potential. Would you mentor the next generation to be an assured, confident and graceful generation or would you keep those gleaming qualities to yourself?

What if…would you?

What if you wanted the best for yourself and for your life. Would you make sure you bring the best out for the world to see and for your own sense of pride in who you are and how far you have come, or would you cower at the slightest provocation and challenge?

What if you had an opportunity to sail the vast seas to a world unknown to you. Would you be the first in line or would you grapple with yourself in a state of indecision?

What if…just what if…you gave yourself a shot. Would you do it? Would you be the person to elevate and challenge yourself or would you be held hostage by negative thought processes?

What if…would you?

What ifs should yield positive results. Use your what ifs for the good of the world, for yourself to be the best self you can muster. Be a force for good.

What if…would you? One would certainly hope so!

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