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What Are You Proud of Today?

You wrapped up your day yesterday and called it a day by visiting slumberland. Today you are awake with new possibilities. A million thoughts run through your mind.

What is dominating your thoughts? If I may be so audacious as to plant a seed in your mind. Here is what you should ponder and mull over today as you go on about your daily activities : what are you proud of today?

Today you are where you are through your actions – actions and decisions you made in the past to get you to the present moment.

Just take a moment to think about this. What are you proud of today? Did you make a positive impact in the life of another? Did you perhaps take in a stranger and give them a home?

Perhaps you took care of the less fortunate. It could be that the work you do is leaving an indelible mark in the lives of those affected by your creativity and genius.

Lay your thoughts bare and extract the moments that give you immense pride. Pride reinforces in us the belief that we can do anything we set our hearts and minds to.

Pride gives us that much needed reinforcement to propel us forward into greater things. ‘Just one more step,’ it guides. ‘You are almost there,’ it beckons. Pride is the ingredient that is needed to give the recipe the piercé de resistance.

Understanding what you are proud of today will give you the fuel to navigate the day with zest and passion. Well then, take that moment and write down the achievements you are proud of.

You have come far. Celebrate every milestone. Take pride in your work and your message. What are you proud of today?

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