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Trying To Live Rent-Free In My Head? I Think Not!

You know those thoughts of persona non grata that try to permeate your thoughts with an invasiveness that sucks up your brilliantly formed mind. You know those unwelcome thoughts about people who have brought nothing but pain in your life. How to stop being engulfed by them in their entirety? Stop allowing these thoughts and the people who induce them to live rent-free in your head!

A landlord/landlady wouldn’t allow you to live in your place rent-free. So why do you allow your mind to be absorbed and consumed by people who are not worth the time of day for you?

You must remember one thing about your mind : it is one hell of a POWERHOUSE!! A powerhouse demands powerful life-forces. A powerhouse, by definition, is fuelled by powerful endeavours and powerful engines that roar to life with gusto.

Your mind is a powerful house that can work brilliantly for you if you know how to practise the art of carefully sieving what’s right and what’s detrimental for your mind.

Allowing someone who has negativity written all over them to live rent-free in your head is to give them power over your thoughts. Napoleon Hill was right on the money (pun very much intended) when he said, ‘ thoughts become things.’ He had the secret to success. Made one hell of an impact with his book Think and Grow Rich. Here is the all-binding message that you can take from his book : your thoughts will and can influence YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

What you plant in your head matters. What you tell yourself matters. What you allow to grow in your mind matters. Thoughts become things. So if you allow negativity, destructive human beings and all-round deprecation to take centre stage in your life, guess what? You will become it! Yes, I said it. You will become the thing you think about the most.

Stop thinking and allowing toxic people to live rent-free in your head. Treat your mind like a fertile ground. You wouldn’t want to plant weeds in your garden, now would you? Of course not! In the same vein, treat your mind like a garden.


Plant good seeds and the benefits of your carefully and crafted planting will reap the rewards tenfold. Stop allowing persona non grata to take up a chunk of your mind.

Think of your mind as an investment. You grow it day by day by learning new things and ways of being.

Investment requires time and effort. Time and dedication. Time and commitment. Time and passion. Do you see the common denominator here? TIME! Time is so valuable that even as human beings it completely eludes us. With that said, we find ways to make the most of the time afforded to us.

So you see, giving unwelcome thoughts in your mind the time of day is detrimental for your psyche. You would be wasting this valuable commodity called time if you spend alot of it thinking about and allowing your mind to process information about people who don’t deserve to be in your life.

Don’t be that person who allows others to influence their thought processes. Allow good influence but deflect bad influence.

Next time you get that thought creeping in about the undesirables in your head, say to it, ‘you bugger, I won’t allow you to live rent-free in my head! I’ve got better things to think about. Sorry, bye!’

And so you should know that you shouldn’t allow unsavoury people and thoughts to live rent-free in your head.

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