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The Ultimate Purge

The ultimate purge

The annihilation of constructs

Thought to be concrete,


Anchored by nuts and bolts,

But alas!

All that was built

From shaky beginnings

Manifests unsteady endings.

We watch from afar

As the carefully constructed walls

Come tumbling down

Like dominoes,

Deconstructing previously

Sturdy structures

Built from false promises,

Reinforced by pseudo convictions.


We watch from afar

As communities get sold

Into an ideology that neither

Reflects their ethos

Nor embodies their lifestyles,

Communities built from

Bloodshed and war-torn origins

Salvaging the remnants,

Piercing together lost souls,

Rummaging through rubble

In an attempt to capture the essence of

Lost treasures and reconstruct,



But alas!

It’s far too gone

You got too arrogant

Thought you were cloaked

By invincibility.


You pillaged and ploughed deep

Into the recesses of kind hearts

And mined all the kindness

Turned it into bitterness

What a fucking mess!

Pat yourself on the back

You sure have a knack

For displacing,


Summoning chaos with the snap

of your dirty fingers.


Beware that the ultimate purge

Beckons you,

Follows you,

Chases you through labyrinthine mazes.

Your huffing and puffing

Won’t save you this time,

You dodged the bullets for far too long

Destroyed lives for far too long

Your hide and seek tactics

Have come to light

You have been found out

You’re a fraudster,

Hang your boots

Your tenure has come to an

Abrupt end.


The ultimate purge

Worked its way from the bottom up

Carefully sieving the wheat from the chaff

Worked like a turbine on steriods

To annihilate the falsehoods

And in its stead build hoods

With sturdy anchors.


Don’t mess with the purge

It’s coming for you.

It rights the wrong

Ticks boxes

Records every address

It will address

Your cruelty

Rearrange your false facade.

You are not immune

To its viciousness,

So behold, you monger

The ultimate purge is coming…

Got your ducks in a row?


© Sakhile Mogale

Title : The Ultimate Purge


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