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The Road To Self-development : The 20 Minute Morning & Night Rule

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t come across any form of medium of communication telling you about the importance of self-development.

Google self-development right now and find out for yourself the myriad of informative websites that preach about the wonders of self-development. You have to ask yourself this: why are there numerous websites, books, podcasts, etc., about self-development? The answer lies in the fact that we are evolutionary beings that crave for growth and change.

Even though we crave for change, it doesn’t mean that we find it easy to change. It’s only a few people who easily welcome the open arms of change. The rest fall under the spectrum of, ‘ geez, do I really have to change though? It looks so cozy and comfortable where I am now. ‘ No, it does not look cozy and comfortable where you are now!

You should constantly seek to change and grow so that you learn more and you have more tools to help you navigate through the foggy mazes of life. The one way to make changes in your life is to put into effect the 20 Minute Morning & Night rule. This rule is about choosing one subject of interest to learn everyday for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night.

You had perhaps been yearning to brush up on your Spanish for a while now. Now is your time to do so. The fastest way to learn any language is to find the resources that will accelerate your learning curve. For some, apps like Duolingo work wonders. For others, good old books work just the same. Find what works for you and jump the bandwagon of self-development.

The 20 Minute MN Rule requires commitment – much like any other goal you are undertaking to commit yourself to. The motivation to keep going even when the going gets tough should be accompanied by a strong ‘why.’ Your reason for your commitment must be clear so that no matter what happens you understand why you started.

The 20 Minute MN Rule, once put in motion, will yield results in leaps and bounds. Think about it this way. Everyday for a total of 40 minutes you are adding more knowledge towards your growth as an individual.

Do this with every area that you want to learn and you will be an explosive dynamo armed with more knowledge in no time!

The beauty of this rule is that you can apply it with anything you want to undertake. All it takes is setting aside 20 minutes in the morning when you wake up and another 20 minutes before you sleep. The brain registers most of its knowledge during sleep. Make your subconscious mind work for you by allowing it to work while you sleep.

The gravy train of knowledge comes with wanting to grow and develop yourself further than what you already know. Self-development is an important tool that you need in your life to catapult your growth and make you a more rounded, informed person. Just think of how cool you will look when you go to Spain and you speak Spanish like a pro. You would make friends fast and find yourself making life-long friends.

Every step towards self-development is imperative. At times we might not immediately see why we need to develop ourselves further than what we are now. One analogy that can explain the importance of self-development well is the art of compounding.

Compounding – especially with respect to compound interest – works in such a way that with every ‘deposit’ of knowledge there is an ACCUMULATION of knowledge. With compound interest for instance, if you deposit R200 every month into a savings account, after 5 years that account will be bulging with no less than R 12 000. Yes, the real effects of compound interest don’t manifest immediately, but the long-term effects are nothing short of beatific. They are quite frankly astounding!

This same analogy should be applied to your road to self-development. You may not see the results today but see them you will. A year from now you will be a changed person. You will notice it and everyone around you will sure as hell notice it. That’s the true power of self-improvement and development. While there is no immediate manifestation, the long-term effects have a lasting imprint on your resume of life.

Another way to look at the 20 Minute MN Rule would be to think of it as your tool to your larger goal of having a comprehensive CV of life. How do you want your CV to look like? What do you want to see reflect on your CV of life? Write down all the aspects of your life you want to change and then get on with it! No change comes without action.

Time to get on the saddle of self-development via the 20 Minute MN Rule and cruise into the boulevard of dreams and a better you!

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