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The One Moment

We are all paving our way towards a better path and destiny, save for those who are intent to go the opposite direction. It hardly comes as a surprise that if we were born to be evolutionary beings, it goes without saying that during the course of our lives we will evolve and transform. It comes quite naturally to want to desire for more. It is the one thing that we all wish and strive for – evolution, the ever so elusive evolution.

We have many different ideas and ideologies about how transformation should occur. We have scrolls upon scrolls, books upon books and numerous data-centric evidence that supports our continuous and powerful desire for evolution.

It comes as no surprise that as species that crave evolution, we are quite expressive of our milestones because we know it couldn’t have been all easy achieving them. So what do we do? We share our stories of acts of bravery and heroism, or just stories shared with beatific moments at every turn. We always continue to be on the lookout for such moments that will come as a sense of validation for our intelligence and desire to achieve more. What we do to get that moment that will validate our sense of purpose is to constantly seek for ways to elevate our understanding and way of life.

The one moment when we realise that we are capable of transforming our lives much more than we thought we could. The one moment when your walls are down and you can see – with startling clarity – what you need to do to achieve that which you desire.

All it takes is the one moment when you realise that with words you utter and those you write and diarise, blog about with conviction, you have the power to share information that is of value to others. You realise that your voice holds power, that your words make an impact in many lives, that your energy is transmitted as waves of positivity and longevity.

The one moment when you realise that taking a step further from what you know is the beginning of your learning and ultimately your enlightenment. You remember that one moment when it dawned on you that just by virtue of being a human being who has the capacity to think and make intellectual analogies you have inadvertently opened up portals of successive progression and successful undertakings.

The one moment when we realise who we were meant to be is the moment you should relish for it is one you will never forget. The one moment is waiting to make a stamp in your life. Pave a way for it and allow transformation.

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