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The Last Kicks of a Dying Horse




Seeking for lost treasures

Where did I go wrong?

Seeking bygone desires

Begging for relief from

Eternal purgatory

Dying slowly

How could it be

That a spirit

Once filled

With bountiful life

Coursing through her veins

Feels like the beckoning of death

Knocks on her door so heavily



For thine spirit to embrace the

Kicks of a dying horse.

I remember a time

When the world was vast

Dreams abound

Nature’s milk plentiful

Mountains asunder

Rivers spilling over

Cup runneth over

Fertile crops

Smiles from ear to ear

Oh the beautiful preservation of what was!

Then it all came crashing

Pain engulfed her spirit

Tormented her soul

Immersed itself in her essence

Gave her no respite

She clings onto dear life

Mutters the last kicks of a dying horse.

She lived a full life

For that, she will always take pride.

©2017. Sakhile Mogale

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