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Take A Leap Into The Void

You have been contemplating making THE move for a while now. You have mulled it over and over in your head. Damn it, you have all but taken the final slice of the proverbial leap into the abyss. Here is the thing: you have done the research. You have spent countless hours contemplating what your next move should be. Heck, you know what you should do.

What is holding you back from taking a leap into the void? Do it, dammit! Time waits for no man. Take a leap into the void. The one thing I can promise you is that you will learn. You will learn so much about yourself, your greatest strengths of mental endurance. Your weak points and how you can overcome them or deal with them better. You will learn about the perks of interacting cohesively with others.

Don’t deny yourself the chance to expand your realms of comfort. Don’t be comfortable in one place for long. You are not aiming to be mediocre. Your aim is much higher than that. Start living out your full potential. Why not start now, if you haven’t already. Don’t deny yourself the chance to fly and shine.

Stop talking and start doing. Enough with the small fry. Start going for bigger pursuits. Stretch your elasticity more. Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday.

Take note of your surroundings. Make informed decisions. Just aspire to be the best possible person you can be. Y.O.L.O slogans were chanted. “You have one life to live,” they say. “Live it to the fullest,” they chime in. So you see, you’ve got nothing to lose champ.

Take one good look at your current life and ask yourself if there is something you can do to elevate it up a notch. There is no harm in trying. In fact, it is highly recommended. It sure doesn’t come with a manual, but the one thing you could be sure of is that you will be proud of yourself for having faith in yourself to try and push your boundaries. Take a leap into the void and stop making excuses.

Excuses are weak and foolhardy. Don’t be that person that has a 12-point plan but plans on doing nothing about it. Taking a leap into the void means surrendering yourself to a whole new modus operandi. You have no way of knowing whether you will come out on the other side firmly held together or barely hanging by the thread. All you know is that it won’t hurt to find out what you are capable of.

You owe it to yourself to give life the best shot you can. Take a leap into the abyss. Float on it. Sail in it. Climb on it. Call on it and shout out loud to declare your presence. Whatever you do, don’t lose sight of why you took the leap. Don’t lose sight of who you are. Take the leap but don’t lose yourself in the process.

What am I saying to you? This is what I am saying to you.

Take the leap into the void. Fail, flail, stumble, fall, get up, dust yourself off, get going again.

Be your authentic self through it all. Don’t be tainted by ideals that compromise who you are.

Perhaps taking a leap into the void could be easily misconstrued as going into unknown terrain blindly without any thought of possible consequences. That is not at all what this is. What this is is knowing that despite any setbacks you might (will most probably) face going into this, you will come out stronger on the other end. You are bound to come out stronger if your purpose is to learn and not be deterred by setbacks.

Taking a leap into the void means that you are okay with knowing that you have to work hard and smart for what you want and that you have to persevere to get it. Taking a leap is akin to faith – having the faith that things will work out despite any perceived or real setbacks.

The question becomes : will you take a leap into the void or will you just decide to add extra layers of cushions to your already stifling comfort zone? Ask yourself that and then make the decision. One sure hopes you make the decision to challenge yourself to more.

Take a leap into the void and watch as the rest of the chapters of your book of life unfold.

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