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Struggle Today, Succeed Tomorrow

The struggle is hard. You feel yourself flailing and falling at every turn. What are you doing wrong, you ask? You are completely befuddled that even after immense effort you don’t seem to be seeing the progress you desire. You toil and sweat, sweat and toil for the riches that seem far out of reach. ‘Life is unfair,’ you say to yourself with a tone that tastes bitterness and spits resentment. You are tired of failing and failing without seeing the results you desire to see. You work hard. You are talented. You have much to offer. ‘If only I could be seen.’ This is your wish. All I want is the platform to provide service to others and be recognised for my efforts, you say to yourself.

You feel defeated but don’t want to admit defeat because that would be a sign of weakness. Dammit, you have what it takes to be successful. You utter an endless string of “if only’s” and expletives that would make your grandmother blush. You know you should be flying high. You know you should be toasting to the sweetness of reward and success. Dammit, you crave the freedom money brings.

You want to see the beloved Eiffel Tower. You want to taste the freedom of travel and experience the tranquillity of paradise in Phuket. You want, you yearn, you desire. You cry tears of desire for more. Your heart bleeds. ‘Struggle is not what I want,’ you say to yourself with a tone that is venomous to your system. You resent the life of struggle. You see others enjoy the riches you yearn for. You wish to be like them and embroil yourself in the world of riches too.

What if you were to be told that your struggle today will be your success tomorrow? Would you believe that? Would you believe someone who told you that struggling today will bring you abundance tomorrow? At first you would call them out and reckon they are bluffing. Why would they say such to you when they couldn’t possibly understand the hell you go through struggling day to day to make ends meet? But what if you listened to them? What could you possibly lose? Here is the harsh truth: when you are so wrapped up in your own bubble, it is hard to see other views. Shatter that bubble and listen for a moment.

The truth is: your struggle today will be your success tomorrow. Nothing beats perseverance and persistence. Keep at it, soldier. Rome was not built in a day. You will get your breakthrough. There is no such thing as an overnight success. You work tirelessly. You are not giving up. That is a sign of strength. Do not take for granted your power of persistence. It will pay off. Keep at it. Walk until the soles of your shoes need replacing. Sweat off your frustrations by embracing fitness. Do what you can to keep going. You will need the energy. Struggle today, succeed tomorrow. Practise delayed gratification. It is worth it. It always is.


Don’t give up. The journey has thorns amidst beautiful roses. The seas will be tumultuous and tempestuous. Don’t allow them to dampen your spirit. Yours is one hell of a kick-ass attitude. Don’t let your present pain cloud your future gain. Dare to go for the big ones; the big goals, big prospects, achievements, all of it. You deserve it. Go for it. Work for it. Meditate on it. Realise at every turn that your struggle today will be your success tomorrow. Love yourself today as you did yesterday and as you will tomorrow when you have a windfall and when your fortune changes. Struggle today, succeed tomorrow. Don’t ever give up on yourself. You are not a failure. Persist and dare to conquer your fears.

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