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Start Over : A New Lease on Life

Life can be tough. It can wrestle you to the ground with its demands and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It can bog down even the toughest soldiers.

Just before you think this article is all doom and gloom, hear me out. What I’m saying is no matter how tough life can be and no matter how the problems seem to pile up faster than debt itself, remember that you can always start over. You have room to give yourself a new lease on life.

What does it mean to have a new lease on life? Perhaps you have come across statements such as, “Have a new lease on life. Start today!” ” Take the leap and have a new lease on life.” What it means to have a new lease on life is to refresh your perspectives and view life from a different lens, a new lens, so to speak.

A new lease on life brings about an ideology of viewing the same issues differently. You see, the thing is as humans, we become complacent and slack off the moment we believe we are doing the same things over and over again without challenges. We become disenchanted when we perceive life as mundane and “boring to death.” We start believing that we were perhaps meant to suffer and therefore we inflinct more pain onto ourselves in the belief that sufferance is part of life.

After being bogged down by possibly every conceivable problem in the book of life, we start believing that problems follow us wherever we go and we carry these heavy, taxing burdens as proof that we were meant to suffer.

But what if I told you that your outlook on life needs a makeover? What if I told you that you could start over and have a new lease on life? Sure, there will always be problems. But have you ever thought that your outlook on these problems is the problem?

Examples are best illustrators. Let’s say that you are heavily indebted and you feel like you are snowed under. You feel that a heavy weight is pressing you down and you can hardly breathe. For starters, just breathe. Breathe deeply first and acknowledge that at this very moment you are alive. Gratitude is important. Acknowledging that you are alive is the first step towards progress.

Okay, so you feel like you are stuck and you are heavily in debt. Perhaps previously you handled this problem by, well, not handling it at all; running away from the problem or burying your head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away.

Having a new lease on life would mean changing your perspective about this situation in your life. Instead of running away from your state of indebtedness, face it. Facing it means coming up with solutions that will get you out of debt until you are out of that maze of debt.

Usually, from a solution perspective, having more income and minimising expenses is the fastest way to achieving a life of less or no debt. You would need to find a solution that will involve you getting more income so that you get money from a different source. The money you get will go towards paying off your debt while you continue covering your living expenses.

How do you get a different source of income? You know yourself. Tap into your skills. What are you good at? Fine-tune your strengths and make money out of them. Do you fancy yourself to be quite the wordsmith? Approach people who are in need of writing services. The point I’m trying to make is that you should look for solutions instead of trying to make the problem go away by, well, not dealing with it at all.

Starting over means changing your perspective about how you see life in its different aspects. This applies to ALL areas of life. A new lease on life is about wiping the old slate clean and viewing life from a much clearer lens. Ultimately it means empowering and arming yourself with new techniques of dealing with life.

Looking at the same issues differently gives you the power to change the trajectory of your life curve. If you had felt like you are stuck and there is no progress, ask yourself what you are doing to change this. Instead of wallowing in pity about being stuck, tap into your inner self and find out what the deeper issues are that you are avoiding and start working on them.

A new lease on life means being receptive to change. In fact, make change your life-long friend and you will be the happiest chappy on earth. Embracing change is the beginning of your path towards a different life. Change means letting go of the fears that bog you down.

100% of the problems you face can be solved by letting go of fear or braving through that fear and choosing to proceed in the midst of the circle of fear.

Think about it for a moment. If you are currently in a relationship that is showing no signs of progress, the solution is to let go of that relationship as it’s not bringing happiness in your life. But fear then cripples you because you think to yourself, “What else is out there? Rather the devil I know than the one I don’t.”

You tell yourself this because you want to cling onto familiarity so badly because, heck, it’s what you know. But have you ever thought that the very familiarity you are clinging onto is preventing you from progressing? If you hadn’t thought about it, then think about it now.

Take a moment to think about how a new lease on life could solve your problem of being stuck in a relationship.The simple answer is letting go of a relationship that no longer brings you happiness. You have a right to happiness. Happiness is a natural state of being. We were meant to be happy. Don’t rob yourself of the chance of being happy. Happiness means making decisions that are hard but those that benefit you.

Evaluate this relationship that is bogging you down. Why are you feeling stuck in it? What can you do about it? If you have tried everything under the sun and there are still no signs of progression, then there is no shame in letting it go. If you have tried working it out and it felt like you are pushing a cart wheel full of cement, then let the cart wheel go and free yourself from the burden and start anew.

In an earlier statement, I alluded to fear being a contributing factor to sameness and being stuck in the same web of problems. The truth is this: a new lease on life begins on the other side of fear. Fear is responsible for all the reasons why we choose to stay in the same spot.

Think about it. If you have a fearless streak, you won’t need much convincing to try new endeavours to get out of your current situation. You will not hesitate to tap into a new skill that you think will enhance your earning potential. You will find ways – come hell or high water – of navigating through your problems and finding solutions that will make your life so much better than it is currently. We all know that change is hard, but it is a much needed antidote.

Starting over is about making the decision to change your circumstances in life and giving yourself permission to go for the pursuits you had wanted to try but didn’t due to fear. A new lease on life gives you permission to be a newer you; a you that makes the choice to try something different with the view to be changed for the better and to improve your life.

Give yourself permission to start over and look at your life differently. Constantly ask yourself how you can do something differently and then when you find that answer to your question, go for it guns blazing. There is no time like the present, it is said.

A new lease on life is about challenging yourself to be better today than you were yesterday. Striving to be a better version of yourself by improving yourself will make your life change for the better.

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