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Social media privacy

The concept of being private means many things to many people in the generic sense of the definition of privacy. We have our own notions of privacy and what it entails. We choose to tell certain people certain aspects of our lives because we trust that they will not misuse the information shared and the fact that they have our best interests at heart. It is quite mind-boggling when people profess to be the epitome of privacy and yet splash their lives on social media. You probably come across alot of posts that give away quite alot of information about someone. Think of posts such as ” Oh my girlfriend just dumped me.” ”My mother locked me out of the house because I came home in the wee hours of the morning.” Such posts are by definition quite telling of a person’s level of privacy.

Do not get me wrong, the concept of freedom of expression is as beautiful as the rainbows in the sky, but at which point does one draw the line when it comes to content shared on social media? At which point does one clearly define the parameters of privacy? Think about this for a moment. The more you post information that by definition is labelled as private, the more you are inadvertently exposing yourself to the world at large. Yes, I said it, to the world at large. By virtue of posting your status on Facebook or posting a tweet on Twitter, you are sharing something about yourself that gets viral and is therefore seen by a number of people. You get the picture.

I am by all means an advocate of freedom of speech, expression, or whatever you want to call it. I am. It is amazing just how much free reign we have. It is absolutely liberating. With that said though,I just wonder at how some people do not find it a problem that every little detail about themselves is out there for everybody to see.  Think about it this way. It is like someone can see through the glass window of your life. Do you really want people who are not close to you to know every little detail ( even minute details at that!) about you? I get that certain information does not really pose any form of danger in whatever way, but what is more mind-boggling to me is the lack of a privacy filter when posting certain things on certain social media.

The element of mystery can be quite alluring and enigmatic. Leave a room for mystery in your life so that those who want to get to know you can find out from you and not on a ‘social media exposé of sorts. Post and enjoy the freedom of expression, but be wary of exposing too much information about yourself.

By Sakhile Mogale

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