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Searching for pieces of you

Convoluted mind
Do you mind
If I start the process
Of painstakingly
Picking up the fragments
All the ornaments
Carelessly strewn
This way and that way
As I search for pieces of you
In my neverending maze
Clutching onto fabrics
Searching for rubrics
Of the foundation
You built expertly
Fortified ruthtlessly
So that I would never forget
Lest I forget
The impact of your reverberations
Your infectious vibrations.

Ignis fatuus
Frantically grasping
At the proverbial straws
Was it the last straws
That you drank from
With sheer abandon
As your laughter
Reverberated in the halls
Of my medulla oblongata.

You force of nature you
You could never walk
Without leaving footprints
Your permanent imprints
Are tattooed
As you perched
Your rainbow canvas
With a hint of a smile
On the edge of your lips
As you explored
Worlds unseen
Lost in transcendence
As your spirit carried you
To worlds unchartered
By the heaviness
Of a world
That chewed you out
Without respite.

The chaos and cruel constructs
You constructed nouns and verbs
Like they were easy strings of fabrics
Deftly laid out like your favourite clothes
That smelled of your essence
It is in essence
Your beautiful spirit
Your desire for impact
That carried you through
Dark patches and dark tunnels
As you searched for resolution
At the edge of chaos.

May the alternate universe
Be everything you’ve ever
Aspired for
Yearned for
Dreamed of.

May you be engulfed
By infinite happiness
Indulge in sappiness
Without restraint
With the freedom
You’ve always
Yearned for.

For now
I’ll hold the burning candle
On this side of the world
As I search for pieces of you.

© 2019. Sakhile Mogale
Title: Searching for pieces of you

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