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Scrape Your Way To Success

You are going through hardships that bring tears to your eyes every time you recall them. They are draining you. You feel like there is no end in sight. Every waking day feels like just another day of trial and error with no tangible results. I get it. You are suffering. You think you are not pushing hard enough or that nothing you do seems to be working. You are scraping by, barely making ends meet. You can’t seem to be getting that job that will solve your problems. You can’t seem to gain a foothold in that business you started with passion and energy.

You feel like you are failing in this thing we call life. “Why does life have to be this hard?” You ask yourself in sheer exasperation. Yours is a journey full of moments of happiness and sadness in one fold. Your nerves are frayed. You are starting to lose your mind. You are asking yourself why you have to go through so much pain just to get to the point where you can say you have reached a level of success you can be proud of. You are starting to doubt yourself. “What am I doing wrong?” Your question pierces your heart because you know you ask it every day and the only response you get is the loud echo of silence that is driving you up the wall.

You are scraping by, barely making ends meet. You think you are not making progress and that your life is not what it is meant to be. Have you ever thought about the fact that because every day you wake up and you try just one more day that you are a step closer than you realise? I can tell you now that with every day that you try your best to get closer to your goals, you are making progress. The thing about progress is that it comes in small doses such that it can seem like none is made.

fossil-2312_640What comes to mind is the rock-hammer analogy. Back in the days before there was sophisticated technology for breaking hard rocks, hammers were used to break them.  At first glance, hitting a rock with a hammer would seem futile, like nothing is happening, like it is not budging. The more you hammer it; however, it starts to crack under the pressure. It is the same thing with your goals. It may seem like you are not making progress when in actual fact you are, you just don’t see it yet. Keep hammering, keep scraping. You will scrape your way to success. You will get your breakthrough.

The success stories you read about were formed years before they broke out of the surface. Those success stories were not manifested overnight. Get the notion out of your head that you will be successful overnight. You are deluded if you expect results fast. Forget the instant gratification mentality. Success comes after much toiling and persistence. Scrape your way to success. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Everything you see around you was not formed in a day. It is said after all that Rome was not built in a day. It wasn’t. Don’t expect the same thing to happen to your pursuits. Think of creative ways to grab the attention of prospective employers if you are looking for a job. Think of creative ways to get clients if you have a business – provide a service/product of value.

Remember that you may be scraping now, but you will get the reward later. You just have to believe you can. Period.  It is hard, I know. Life can deal you a raw hand sometimes, I get it. You are doing nothing wrong. Keep pushing, keep believing, and keep on walking. You will reach your intended destination. At the end of the day you must remember that as long as you are alive you have a chance to wake up and give life your best shot. If it means scraping your way to success, then so be it. Do it, soldier. Do it, warrior. Have faith that things will work out for you.

We are all just winging it in life. Wing it too, but towards your success. Refuse to be beaten down and trodden on. Be the brazen giant that takes brave steps towards conquering those seemingly insurmountable goals. Those successful people you read about are human just like you. They breathe the same air you breathe. Take comfort in knowing that you are capable of success too.

Scrape your way to success if you have to, but dammit, keep on moving forward!

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