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Right At This Very Moment

Here I am at 12:43 am, past midnight, wide awake (while everything else around me in the vicinity is still -a tad eerie – and the only sound I can hear is that of me frantically typing away) and musing to myself about the very nature of the human species. The very concept of breathing and being is an amazing phenomenon that is not comparable to anything else. You are breathing wherever you are. Your very nature dictates that you consume air that gives you life (in this context this does not get as deep as exploring spiritual realms and higher powers, but merely pointing out the fascination of the air we breathe) and keeps you going – enabling you to take your next breath and then the next – ad infinitum.

Has it ever crossed your mind that right at this moment wherever you are, whether sleeping or wide awake, you have life coursing through your veins? Of course it has, silly me! I am perhaps asking this question from a standpoint of fascination and wonderment of our very existence as a human species. At any given point in the day and night you have thousands and thousands of thoughts that go through your mind. Does it fascinate you that you have so many thoughts running through your mind at any given point in time? Does it not indeed pique your interest that with every step you take and every thought you churn you are a unique being by virtue of your existence? Do you not marvel at the beauty of the coordination of your mind, body and soul to create harmony in your life? One would surmise that the existence of the human species is nothing short of magnifique!

Right at this very moment the thoughts that are running through my mind are by definition wondering about the anatomy of the human species, amongst other things. I am wondering about how we would be if we looked different from the way we look now based on our anatomies as male and female species. How would it impact our species if we looked like aliens from outer space or if we had weirdly shaped heads and stick-like bodies that move with a little difficulty? Let us think about this for a moment. Would we as humans having alien-like attributes including the anatomy change the physiological and biological makeup of humans as a species? Would we breathe differently? Perceive differently perhaps? No doubt you are wondering where I am going with this.

The point I am trying to put to the fore is the utter amazement of the human species and the realisation that as humans we have so many possibilities – by virtue of being, by virtue of us being present in the moment. The way we perceive, think and feel is fascinating. The series of emotions that run through your mind, your heart, body, soul at any given moment are nothing short of beatific! In one breath you are as excited as a 5 year old in a candy shop. In yet another breath you exhibit melancholy emotions and then not too long after you have a thought that brings about other emotions. Our whole being is controlled by this word: FEELING. What do you say when you are expressing your opinion to someone about a particular subject matter? ‘’I feel that we should take this approach because it will yield the most results.’’ Thinking is feeling and whether you substitute the ‘feel’ for ‘think’ it really does not matter because when all is said and done we are driven by emotions, which are intertwined with feeling. The very makeup of our thoughts is based on feelings.

Does it cross your mind that out of all the billions of humans alive, you are unique and no one is like you? Granted you could have a twin who looks like you physically, but said twin does not think nor perceive the way you do. You are a unique being who is not a carbon copy of anyone else. How amazing is that when you think about it? YOU ARE UNIQUE. Nobody else can ever be like you no matter how much they tried. Isn’t that fascinating, dear people?

What are your thoughts? Comment and share with us your opinions. Let us engage and analyse this one a bit more.

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