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Precedence the Pace-setter

The word ‘Precedence’ is such a powerful word. It denotes a setting of what will then be an influential operation system in society. It is, in other words, a bench mark. Think of laws and regulations, especially with regard to common law. Certain customs were practiced over the years and carried over from one generation to the next .Along the way some were moulded, amended and bent for suitability of changing times.  Laws, especially customary laws, even before documentation were laws that were decided upon by a certain sect of society and through practice were implemented and cemented as truth and obedience set structure for that sect and transcended through the eras over time.

The power that precedence holds cannot even begin to have any one definition. Every aspect of the fabric of society has a long trail that precedence has played a huge role in. Think of any one religions belief. There was a benchmark in terms of that certain religious code of conduct and how that particular society practicing that particular religion adheres to those rules set out, be it in the form of a formal book scripture or any other form of conveyance of message. These scriptures set a tone for what would then be a singular representation of that particular religion. Even though the interpretations will be different as we are but different beings in this society of ours, they will stem from the same ideology that would have been coined and cemented many centuries past.

Precedence is a strong word that holds together the fabric of society. Think of traditions in your particular culture. How did they start? How are they practiced now? Whether those traditional views may or may not be archaic nowadays, they have a permanent imprint in the recesses of our being as we know them and have had our parents and their parents before them practice them with fervour and trueness of spirit, with utmost pride and love.  The start of any concept in our society is important and should never ever be taken for granted. Precedence is a word that symbolizes innovation, evolution and transformation.

Alexander Graham Bell came up with a prototype telephone. It made waves. It was unlike anything of its kind in his era of existence. It set a tone for innovation as those after him set to improve the prototype and make even more progress in the world of communication through telephonic waves. Nowadays the levels of communication have changed so much so that they can only be rightfully described as ‘dimensional shift’ communication methodologies. Era by era the levels and mediums are moulded and crafted. Futuristic communication methods will be created. The web of innovation and evolution will continue. Precedence is and always will be the ultimate word that symbolizes respect and continuity from our fabric of society.

As a society, let us not be afraid of the fruits of precedence .They define us as a society. They define where we come from and where we are going. They define us a fabric of society. They unite our love emanating from the manifestations of precedence through innovative methods, through stealth by our leaders, through representations of culture from our families, through responsive economic performances by our countries, through our sheer desire for evolutionary practice techniques in every sphere of operation. Precedence, we bow down to the power you hold!

By Sakhile Mogale

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