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Sweetest life and thine self: The journey of beautiful meanderings…

Dearest most beautiful life, talk to me, speak to me, converse with me on a level only you and I can comprehend,

Let us decipher the most cryptic codes together,

Let us embroil ourselves in our absolute delights of the unadulterated, puristic and simplistic and yet ever so labyrinthical and complex…

Sweetest life, seduce me with your words, for they are powerful beyond measure, for they hold that which is most dear and most desirable in thine soul…

Seduce me with your desire for greatness, your ambitions, your innermost strength,

Give me a taste of your wondrous and numerous delights of the sweet valleys of mountain ranges and fountains of happiness,

Give me a succulent taste of the food you so artfully and masterfully prepare to perfection,

Life, be generous to thine soul that yearns to be one with you, to be your companion, your friend, your ever so faithful partner, your soul-searching apprentice,

The ravages of the desires we have so wantonly sought in the past can be dressed, sugar-coated with your sweetness spreading over and completely sweetening that which was most dangerous and detrimental…

Dearest most beautiful soul lover that you are, teach thy soul the spirit of humbleness, the spirit that carries enriching melodies over the most turbulent seas and most dangerous of mountains and mountain ranges,

Melodies that resonate ever so beautifully in thine heart, the ever resounding bellows that are nostalgic and quite frankly beatific by definition and designation…

Sweetest life, take me with you to the depths of the earth’s core, for that is where thine soul yearns for the essence that you are,

Take me with you to uncharted territory, the road less travelled, the seas less explored, the mountains less climbed, the ventures less pursued, the ambitions less realized,

Take me with you on a journey that will teach me the most profound, most earth-shattering, life-altering revelations about yourself…

Dearest most beautiful one, can we begin our journey now?

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