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Perspective From Shattered Ideals

Abstract designs
Yesteryear yearnings
Incomplete canvasses
Grotesque depictions
Convoluted fragmentations
Displaced ideologies
Warped perceptions
Tainted fundamentals
Broken glasses
Unfulfilled expectations
Heartbreaking lamentations
Forgone conclusions
Torn-down fortresses
Grandiose illusions
Shattered dreams
Broken souls
Dark tunnels
Labyrinthine mazes
Tortured minds
Burdened souls
Heavy hearts
Exhausted efforts
Jaded Jills
Non-plussed Toms
Vengeful spirits
Disillusioned geniuses
Skeptical fringers
Walking corpses
Compliant citizens
Illusory happenstances
Spewed lies
Rigged systems
Out-of-thin-air moneys
Quashed conspiracies
Hushed meetings
New orders
Divergent worlds
Fragmented humanities.

©2017. Sakhile Mogale

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