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Penning New Frontiers

Stars aligned
Future projections
Brighter than the Milky Way
Make my way towards stardom
The glits and glam
A foray into the land
Of milk and honey
Where the courageous lie in wait
For serendipitous opportunities
Carpe Diem the order of the day.

They of infinite wisdom
The knowledge dispersers
The permanent imprinters
Passionate printers
Permanent literature markers
Marketh the spot of influence
A toast to the bookish life
The Wordsmith funnelers
A channel into worlds unseen
Ushered by passionate publishers
Written word masters
With deep pockets
With an innate desire
To share the stories of the bold
Emboldened by toughness
Life’s tough choices
Stamping permanent imprints
Spilling over into generations to follow.

They of trailblazing desires
Ink their expertise in permanent ink
From scrolls and parchments
The world changes
So do our mediums
Our desire for telling stories
Never dissipates
Always anticipates
A bright future
Hungry milennials
Edgy GenZs
The era of information
Births unprecedented funnels
Our knowledge seeps from deep wells
Picking the scabs
From bygone generations
Charting new frontiers
Forces to be reckoned with
We are here
Smell our desire
Taste our yearning
Feel our passion for impact
Our lustre for life
Convergence of meaning and impact
Dare we cry louder than others
Hear our stories
We knock on locked doors
Break down barriers
New frontiers
The publishers
Knowledge seekers
Permanent imprinters
Perennial desires
Etched into our essence.

Stars aligned
Future projections
Eager for the mergence
Of impact and reward
The sweet spot
Delicate balances
Tipping scales
We work harder
Churn faster
Learn faster
The whirlwind
Swallows us faster
Roller-coaster blurs our images
Confuses our perceptions
We change our declarations
Chart forth new proclamations
Bright futures.

Stars aligned
We lie in wait
Mysteries abound
Enigmas ignited
A better world
More stories of courage at the fore
Before we slip into the abyss
Let our stories be a beacon
For future sirs and madams
We were here
We were loud
We Carpe diemed
The shit out of purpose
Spilled our last ink
Laid it out for impact
To recognise
Our calloused hands
When the call of duty
Reigns in our purpose
Further than murky waters
Dark tunnels
Emerged victorious
Our battle scars
Shine through our shields
Our work is just the beginning
Let others take the baton
We set the pace
Let others take the baton
The stick is hot
Pass it on to future generations
Eager for a better tomorrow.

And so we watch
The stars align
We’ve come a long way
We’ve diverged and converged
Changed meaning
Dispelled constructs
Glammed up the red carpet in style
Larger than life fashion designs
A sign of our times
The era of grandiosity expounded
The knowledge era expanded
Information era abound
Into our receptive fingertips
At the touch of a button
Impact is created
Passion fulled
Change forged
Stories told to multitudes
A mark of permanence forged
Warriors of our times
Treasure the power of the written word
The penmanship of powerful words
The forgers of uncharted territories
Thirsty for a brighter tomorrow.

And so we converge
Consolidate our desires
Create works of art
Bigger than us
Larger than life
Pass on the baton
To future generations
Our calloused hands
Tell our stories
Our passionate eyes
Mirror our desires
We stamped our footprints
Inked our desires
On permanent parchments.

Thank you Mother Earth
Yours is an insatiable
Unquenchable desire
For our thirsty desire
To impact the world tenfold
Tell our stories with raw and grit
Receive our unquenchable spirit
As we foray into the land
Of milk and honey
Take our hands
Guide us
Align our purpose with your universe
Balance the scales
Align our desires
Sharpen our knives
Shape our wisdom
Align our stars
We are ready.

©2019. Penning New Frontiers
Sakhile Mogale

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