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Pen Those Persistent Thoughts

It is said that we think about 60 000 thoughts a day. Whoa! So many thoughts running through our convoluted, busy minds! Of the 60 000 or so thoughts running through your mind endlessly, there are a few persistent thoughts that recur with a stubbornness that is deserving of its own attention. You know those thoughts that give you no rest? Those are the persistent buggers. Those are the thoughts which need your attention. They are trying to prompt you to listen to them.

What solution can one have for such persistent thoughts? Pen them down. Buy a note pad and jot them down. The power of words is nothing short of amazing. In actual fact, the power of WRITING DOWN YOUR THOUGHTS is beyond amazing. Firstly, when you write your thoughts, you see on paper what you have been conceiving in thought. That is powerful. You get to see first hand the thoughts that have been giving you no respite and begging you to do something about them.

The power that penning your thoughts down has can be seen immediately after jotting them down. Chances are, when you see you thoughts on paper, you will resolve to find solutions for the nagging questions you have in your mind. If you had been having thoughts about starting a particular venture, jotting them down on a note pad solidifies what your mind has conceived. You have more chances of taking action when you see your thoughts on paper than when you haven’t noted them down.

Pen those persistent thoughts. They are persistent for a reason. They are begging for you to make a change in your life about something specific in your life. The persistent thoughts in your mind are nudgers and reminders to take control of them and provide solutions. If, for instance, your persistent thought has been taking a leap of faith to live the life you desire, your mind is communicating with you to do something about these nagging thoughts. The moment you jot them down, you will begin to realise how serious they are and what you need to do to change your current reality. As a writer, I can say this with absolute affirmation that when you jot your thoughts down, there will always be other thoughts that will support your initial one. What happens is you end of creating a fully-fledged mind-map that will give you a holistic view of your thoughts and actions.

Pen those persistent thoughts. Journal them. Make your notebook your friend. Your life will never be the same again.

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