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Passion, you are life

I spill my ink
page after page
fuelled by a passion
that emanates
from a deep core that
gives me no rest.

I splash my words on messy paper,
on calloused canvasses,
drivelling into the core of my words.
The essence that moves me,
that gives me no respite,
shakes and cajoles me into
a state of permanent wakefulness
and caresses me to spill my ink on
messy paper and
calloused canvasses.

Dearest passion,
you ink-inspirer,
you are the driver of my world
your vibrant colours are my world,
your deep forces are my nourishment,
I am in need of you.

As I spill my ink and
splash my words
on messy paper and
calloused canvasses,
be my light,
be my source,
be my permanent life-force.
In you, I breathe life.

©2017. Sakhile Mogale

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