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Only Now

Only now does the sun rise
after dark stormy nights
murky waters
locked cages
dark tunnels
rancid dungeons
bound hands
dark, scary skies.

Only now does the plantation bear plentiful fruit
After the merciless famine
ransacked the livelihood of villages and communities
After a merciless drought wiped out what was left of their produce
Stripped bare
Hollowness and emptiness
plagued jubilant communities
The eerie silence a horrific reminder
No singing voices
No loud cries
Sadness reeking through the orifices of those who stare with dead eyes.

Only now can they wipe the tears from their face and wash away their sorrows with an eagerness painful to watch
Only now can they sing out loud and cry tears of joy.

Only after devastation do we appreciate that which we treasure
Only after pain do we clutch pleasure onto our pearl-strings
Only after sorrow do we immerse ourselves into the embrace of joy
Only through trying times are we filled with gratitude for what we have.
Only now…
Only after…
Growing pains are painful teachers.

©2017 Sakhile Mogale
Title : Only Now

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