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Now You Know

You thought the obstacles you faced in the past were so insurmountable that you saw no way forward and the road was misty, foggy, soggy, not a damn clear sighting in what seemed like miles and miles on end with no resolution.

You thought the whirlwind of a tornado would be your ultimate undoing…and yet…here you are. How did you come out victorious on the other side of the theatrical curtain? You are amazingly awesome, amazingly awe-inspiring. Your story is your message. You came out on the other side with a strong message to share with others. Now you know. Now you know that you can face any obstacle and come out stronger, better enlightened and more resilient.

Now you know…you know that you can be the epitome of messed up today but come back and start afresh tomorrow. Now you know what you had hitherto not known. You know your strength, your sheer determination for better outcomes.

You thought the darkness of the horrific tragedies of the past would engulf you in your entirety and suffocate the very life source you cling onto for life and regeneration.

You thought your world had come tumbling down like a tonne of bricks that left you begging for the remnants of the life you had up until the dark cloud of doubt and setbacks took over. You got over to the other side of the rainbow. Look at you all colourful now! What a sight to behold!

Your radiance…your beautiful radiance is what distinguishes you from the rest and gives you the confidence to take on bigger challenges. Now you know. Now you know that no dark dungeons and gilded cages will tame the beautiful spirit that is within you. You exude greatness.

Now you know….you know to trust yourself better. After all, who else but you knows the truest deepest desires and yearnings but you? Now you know, dearest lass/lad, that you hold the keys to the path you take in life. You are wiser now. You fell, tumbled down a thousand blocks, but came out stronger and picked yourself up. Look at you now strong…so self-assured.

Negativity is something that doesn’t bog you down nor holds the key to your life-force because positivity fought hard to claim the ultimate price of happiness and satisfaction. You lost, negativity. ‘Don’t get close, I bite,’ you say with conviction.

Now you know. You know your weaknesses, your strengths, your deal-breakers and your passions. Now you know…you know what you need to do to get yourself out of unsavoury situations. You know what you need to do because you learned the hard way.

You fell fast and hard and just as you were picking yourself up you were hit by yet another setback. But you never gave up on your goals. No, you clung onto your goals like a life raft. You strong human being you, you have a strong resolve that you can propel for better prospects.

Now you know…you know yourself today and what you want to be tomorrow. Stay true to yourself and you will never go wrong even when you face your toughest demons.

Now you know what it takes to get to where you want to be. Go for it and don’t stop till you attain it.

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