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New Year’s Resolutions

Ever wondered why we set resolutions at the beginning of every year but never seem to follow them through or they fall away like withered leaves on a tree? Think about it. We are fresh into the New Year of 2015. I bet you have made resolutions, haven’t you? You have told yourself that the resolutions you have made you will stick through with them come hell or high water. You are so set in your assurance that even your brain believes that indeed you will stick through with them this time. Yes, I said this time. Every year we make resolutions but never seem to see them through.

Have you ever wondered why you never seem to see your resolutions through? The answer lies in the fact that as people we more often than not make resolutions and goals that are unrealistic. This is the part where no doubt you want to shoot me because you think to yourself ‘Hang on, are we not supposed to aim high?’ . Of course you are supposed to aim high, that is the fuel that drives you to achieve your set goals. With that said though, your goals and resolutions need to be realistic. If your resolution is to start a business by providing a service and you say your goal is to have a turnover of 250 million by the end of the year, you are stretching yourself a bit too thin. Do not get me wrong, that is a beautiful aspiration, one I am aiming for myself in my endeavours in business, but resolutions and goals go with what you have at your disposal at a particular point in time and how far you are with that. If you are just starting a business and your aim is to have a 250 million turnover it is a bit of a stretch to attain that within your first year of business. Rather set more realistic goals that you can attain and believe you me, you will feel good about attaining them and you will get the motivation to attain the 250 million turnover you desire.

Resolutions, I have come to realize, are all about making realistic goals that you can achieve at a particular point in time and working relentlessly to achieve those set goals. The best way to stick through with resolutions is to break them down into immediate goals, short-term goals and long-term goals. If your resolution is to lose 30kg weight by the end of two months, you already have the pressure to lose the weight in such a short space of time. What happens is you then become overwhelmed because you wonder how you will achieve that in such a short space of time. After being overwhelmed, you become dejected because you feel that this goal is out of your reach. The truth is, it is not out of your reach, you have simply let yourself down by making it a very short time frame to achieve and not giving yourself enough time to work out an effective plan to achieve it. Instead of a two month plan to lose the 30kg weight you set out to lose, how about a 6 month to a year plan instead? The best way is to work out a plan to reach that goal and stretch it throughout the year so that you do not feel overwhelmed and like you are overextending yourself. This will be a much more effective method as you will not feel overwhelmed. You will pace yourself and put milestones along the way so that when you have reached a certain milestone you congratulate yourself until you get to your ultimate objective of losing 30kg.

It is very possible to make your resolutions work. Reality dictates that your resolutions can and will be attained if only you are realistic about them. Ambition and relentless pursuit are important requirements in achieving set resolutions and goals. You can achieve them all, all 50 of them. Just be realistic and the sky is not even the limit.

Break down those resolutions into sizable chunks and we are good to go folks, lets do this!

By Sakhile Mogale

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