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Model Citizen

Model citizen
Aim to please
Check all the boxes of conformity
Ride the wave of familiarity
Stay in your comfort zone
Revel in the jabs others give to those
Different from you and them.
Curse at all that is alternate and
Displeasing to your constitution.
Make snide remarks to all the fringe
Dwellers trying to oppose the status quo.
Stay in your stifling closet with clothes
Long worn and torn from years of abuse.

Model citizen
Think in Black and White
Certainly no room for all things grey and
Find solace in majority ruling
That favours your way of thinking.
Walk in the shadows of those
Too cowardly to diverge from the
Common hamster wheel race.

Model Citizen
Puncture the tires of cars long worn
From constant traffic jams
Curse-inducing road rages
Unfulfilled urges
Manifesting as rage from years of
Toil and sweat from unfulfilled desires.
Rant at the world
For giving you a raw deal
You sure took the brunt of it
And all for what?

Model Citizen
You question your rose-tinted glasses
Perspective of life
You have been duped, you surmise.
You have been robbed of more
You have been living in a stifling shell
You desire to branch out and experience
Life on the other side of conformity

Model Citizen
Today you take a stand
Take a leap of faith
The other side of fear awaits
The other side of the status quo awaits
And so, the grime was wiped from your
Rose-tinted glasses
You see anew
You are ready for new ventures

Model Citizen
Not so model after all,huh?
You sure don’t care to be the pariah
Somebody else can hold the baton.

© 2017. Sakhile Mogale

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