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Love yourself completely: Why you should listen to your subconscious voice

Love yourself completely, utterly and without reservation. Love yourself first. What does loving yourself first mean?  Loving yourself first means putting yourself above all else,  always.

It means knowing when to cut ties with that which does not serve you well. Here is the thing that people deprive themselves of when they stay too long in bad relationships and situations : the ability to pull yourself out from toxicity as and when it occurs. 

You deprive yourself of the ability to reinforce your boundaries the moment you compromise who your inner self is trying to tell you to be.

Truth is,  we all have that inner voice that speaks to you to warn you when you cross your threshold of happiness.  This same voice,  let’s call it your subconscious voice, speaks to you when something feels off.

I have come to understand that your subconscious voice brings balance in your life.  How does loving yourself completely have to do with your subconscious voice? The short answer : EVERYTHING.  Let me unpack this for a moment.

Your subconscious voice has an infinite power that taps into your being to bring balance,  harmony and happiness in your life. Let me delve a bit about this. You see, happiness is your natural state of being. When you are happy,  the world smiles with you, your heart feels lighter,  your soul dances to the rhythm of life’s beat.

When you are happy,  laughter caresses you and elevates your state of being like no other. Happiness is infectious. When you are happy, you will make the person next to you smile for no explicable reason. Happiness is a contagion of the positive sort. When you are happy,  your aura radiates positivity. We all need positive energies around us.

Now that you understand the core modus operandi of your subconscious voice and why it seeks to bring your life to it’s natural state of happiness,  let us unpack for a moment how it operates.

For starters,  have you ever noticed how you will immediately feel the hairs at the back of your neck prickle when you approach an area that has a dangerous energy?  This is your subconscious voice trying to warn you against approaching that area. If you listen to this voice (and you should,  ALWAYS), you would rather feel it’s better to be paranoid but safe.

Your subconscious voice speaks to you in all facets of your life. Its main purpose is to bring your life to its natural state of being : happiness. 

What we all too often do is go against its wishes and proceed even when it has warned against impending doom.  Take,  for instance, bad relationships. This powerful voice will raise its concerns with you when your happiness has been disrupted.

It will make you see why you should let go of the relationship that is no longer bringing light in your eyes. But because we want to try to work things out even when there is nothing to salvage, we drown out the pleas of this voice. We say, “Maybe if I stop being so vocal, things will change. ” ” Maybe if I change he/she will be happy and we can have a good relationship.”

Everytime we tell ourselves these destructive lies,  we are slipping further and further away from our natural state of being : happiness. Everytime we lie to ourselves, we are hurting our subconscious voice. All this powerful voice wants to do is bring equilibrium in your life.  

If you take nothing else from this piece,  take home with you that your inner voice is for you,  all the way. It wants to see you happy, wants to see your laughter affect others beautifully. It wants to see you influence others positively by being a force for good.

Think about this for a moment. Why is it that when you are happy and when your heart is dancing to the tune of your favourite song,  you feel lighter instantly?  I will answer that for you : you are in perfect harmony with your inner being when you are happy.  By now you can see that your subconscious voice is your number one champion, your faithful partner of life.

So,  you see,  when you are not happy,  your inner voice is in disarray. It becomes unhappy and goes into full motion to make you realise that your actions are not making you happy.

Sometimes it uses drastic measures to show you that you should leave a situation that is not in accord with your natural state of being. Let’s say you have been doing something you are not passionate about for years. Your subconscious voice gets tired of seeing you so miserable. It finds a way to cajole you out of your state of misery which is interfering with living your life fully and presently, and with an abundant life force.

Let’s face it, when you are miserable,  negativity latches onto you like a virus. It feeds off you and spreads deep within you. Your subconscious voice is deeply unsettled by negativity that threatens your state of being.  So what does it do?  It takes drastic measures to make you see the light.

Make no mistake, it tried to talk to you softly without having to employ drastic measures to change your current circumstances,  but you didn’t listen and you continued plunging yourself deeper and deeper into the clutches of misery. It’s at this point that it decides to be drastic.

You will hear how someone had a heart attack scare and had to be in hospital for a week. What happens during that time in hospital is that because you have nothing to distract you,  this is the time you start thinking about your life as a whole. In those days you come to the conclusion that you need to change your current situation in order to feel happier and bring the spark back in your life.

This is when some people change their jobs,  leave toxic relationships or do something they had always wanted to do but held back because of fear.

Bringing it all together.

Here is what I am hoping you take home with you as you read this : Loving yourself completely and without reservation means listening to your subconscious voice as and when it speaks to you. When it tells you that your current relationship is not making you happy, listen to it.  Do something about it.

Love yourself enough to refuse to be in situations that interfere with your natural state of being. Remember, your subconscious voice wants you to be happy and have positive energy flowing within you. Love yourself enough to want to embrace happiness as your natural state of being.

Loving yourself means looking in the mirror and smiling with such heartiness that you are immediately overcome by joy just by merely appreciating your existence.

When you are able to love yourself unconditionally and extricating yourself from toxic situations and environments, you and your subconscious voice will be in accord.

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