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Indecisiveness – The silent killer

“I think I will take this approach as the benefits seem to outweigh the cons.” “No, I think I will actually take the latter approach because even though the benefits are not as weighty as the first approach, they would still suffice.” “Oh gosh, I actually don’t know what to choose! This is too much thinking!” That is what happens in your poor convoluted mind when you cannot, for the life of you, decide on a particular venture/ item, etc. Indecisiveness, while seen as ”harmless” does not get to race to the finish line unscathed. Indecisiveness is a problem on a fundamental level. What this means is that at any given moment when you have to make a choice between two items you will take longer to decide. Let’s face it, that is time-consuming. It may seem harmless that you cannot decide between ordering a burger or a pizza, but have you ever thought about the effects of indecisiveness?

The astounding fact about indecisiveness is that it gives you less of a firm footing when it comes to making decisions. There is nothing more attractive or motivating as someone who makes a firm decision now and lives with that decision. Indecisiveness robs you of that this-is-what-I-have-decided-on firm footing. You will always wonder what could have been had you chosen the option you hadn’t chosen. In Economics that is referred to as Opportunity Cost. The opportunity cost of forgoing one option for the other would normally not pose a problem in most circumstances, but as an indecisive person, it will drive you insane. You will always wonder about the alternative.

The effects of indecisiveness, you wonder? A scenario would illustrate best. You meet up with an old school friend whom you have not seen in ages. You catch up and exchange stories about how far you have come, what you are both busy with, etc. This friend then says to you that there is a business opportunity to tap into and explains in great detail how you will both benefit from it and says to respond after a week of deliberation.  You go back home, you do the calculations and to you it seems like something you would love to venture into. Two days later you come across yet another friend who ends up offering to partner up with you on a project they are busy with. You express how exciting you think this is and this friend again gives you about a week to think about it and mull it over. There you are now in a conundrum of sorts. You cannot decided between two ventures that seem to both have promising returns on investment and are in line with what you are passionate about. What to do, you think. You spend the rest of the week tossing and turning hoping that some revelation will come to you. In the end? You decide not to go with either option and thereby losing out on potentially lucrative endeavours. Even if you ended up deciding on one option as opposed to the other, you will always wonder if the decision you made was the right one. The effects of indecisiveness leave in its wake a trail of doubt and uncertainty about your ability to make choices. That is not a good look for you. Making firm decisions and standing by them builds your character. It means that you can make a decision and be content with the decision you made and work on the consequences of that decision, as opposed to having that nagging feeling in your mind about whether you made the right decision or not. In this particular scenario, making a firm decision and sticking by it is the characteristic of someone who stands by their choices fully.

Indecisiveness is a silent killer. It prevents you from being a person who is fully confident in his/ her decision-making skills. It takes a lot of courage to make a decision and stick by it. When you are indecisive, you do not get to build a strong character around your decision-making skills. You always find yourself at loggerheads between two decisions which you think are important ( though in actual fact the important decision is ultimately the one you choose to stick by – with confidence and resolve).

While deciding between two different endeavours may seem like a mammoth task, it is not as scary as it seems. Ask yourself these questions before making a decision ( of decisions that are of a difficult nature and not those of a trivial nature like deciding what to eat) : What value will this decision bring for you and those around you? Will it make me grow as a person or stunt my growth curve? Will such a decision be taxing on my very being by choosing to undertake it or will it make me a freer spirit with more to learn? Will this decision bode badly on my character or will it strengthen my character? The responses you give to these questions will be an indication to the kind of decision you will make. It is obviously advisable to make decisions that are good for your well-being. Indecisiveness makes you seem like you are the ‘sitting on the fence’ type of person and that may not be true at all, but because outwardly it seems like your ability to decide is not firm, it is thought to be that you have a weaker resolve than those who make bold decisions and stick by them. You are not weak. You don’t have a weak resolve. You just need to practise the art of deciding more firmly and standing by your decisions more. Hone this ability and the art of decision-making will come easier to you.

Be the decision-maker who refuses to let indecisiveness the silent killer take over your life. Have a firm footing and kick indecisiveness to the curb.


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