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In the Stillness

In the stillness
I found my essence
In its purest form
Enmeshed with beatific
Deap-seated gratitude
Great attitude
To navigate
The labirinthine
Amaze me
With your essence, nature
It’s in your nature
To fill hearts with love
For you love
To build sturdy
To construct from nothing
Breathe life into something
Anchor your ideals into your creations
Cement your perfections
Articulate your desires
Embrace your imprints.

In the stillness
Of the night
When all human souls
Were tucked neatly
In their warm blankets
Tugging at their blankets
In the embrace of slumberland
I stood on my balcony
Took a deep breath
Filled my lungs with fresh air
Caressed my body in the stillness
I was entranced
Seduced by nature
In its purest form
“You’re alive,” nature chimes in
Cajoles me
Reminds me
Of the beauty of life
Lest I forget.

In the stillness
Of my thoughts
Conceptions were made
Ideals were realised
Constructs were dismantled
Built anew
Fresh perspectives
New dimensions
Better preservations
Proud declarations
Determined resolves
Writ on permanent parchments
Dare we scroll perpetually
Explore infinitely
In a finite world
Dare we define
Our resolute paths
It’s in our paths
That we perambulate
To destinations
Yet to be written
Yet to be unravelled
Yet to be marvelled
Trek, goes we.

In the stillness
Engulfed me
In my entirity
Took my hand
In hers
Kissed my desires
In sheer abandon
Reminded me
To let go
To enjoy the moment.

In the stillness
The warmth
Of mother nature
Hugged my essence
Induced bright genuine smiles
“Say cheese, take a picture with me.”
Ink the permanent imagery
Of my vastness
My sheer magnitude
Into your depths
Remember to celebrate
Life’s moments
With me.

So says nature
In her purest form.

©2019. In the stillness
Sakhile Mogale

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