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Hopes and Dreams Awakened

They looked up the skies with so much hope and eager anticipation…

Their hopes and dreams were to be exposed today in the skies and so they waited for that grand moment of truth…

Their dreams had been shattered way too many times by the dreary and misery-induced happenstances of life…

They were eagerly waiting in anticipation for that, which will lead to their emancipation,

Their hopes and expectations hinged on this very day for what was to be a life-altering day of many revelations,

They had weathered the most turbulent of storms and the most heinous of tribulations,

They felt deserving of another day in the sun and no more dark clouds and stormy skies,

They held on for dear life to the remnants of hope that had been pieced together by tape that has seen many days in its time,

They represented that sect of society that soldiers on even when the promise of resurgence looks bleak and hopeless,

They are soldiers of a battle that was long won and lost and won and lost and won and lost and lost way too many times to even keep score of the bruises…

They of the purest of minds were tainted by the darkness that brought about surges of hopelessness and despair,

They of the sweetest of dispositions were tainted by the darkness of the hearts that housed the most ruthless of the lot,

Through it all they never lost the glimmer of hope that promises a better tomorrow…

As they looked up the skies for their hopes and dreams to be revealed, they had an awakened sense of newness to begin again and build again,

As they looked up the skies, they felt a renewed gusto that they had thought was lost in the depths of bottomless wells of their society,

Their dreams and hopes were but imprinted in their very hearts and waiting to be awakened by a profound realization of power that lies within them from the recesses of their very core…

As they looked up the skies, they murmured in awe as they appreciated anew the blue skies that bring life and shape life,

As they looked up the skies, they expressed a wonderment of the beauty that nature expresses at every given turn and realized they had neglected that which gave them meaning and purpose,

As they looked up the skies, they realised that their hopes and dreams should fuel them to purpose-driven aspirations and community driven pursuits,

They of a fragmented sect of society felt whole again for they realized their strength in numbers and power of community oneness…



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