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Greater Society, hear out the fringers

In a world that impresses upon one to uphold a certain image or abide by certain standards to be given a modicum of recognition, it becomes harder and harder for the voices that drum against the beat of conformity to find their firm gripping on the nomenclature of society.

When you reek of ‘otherness’ , the ‘fringe’, are grazing on the periphery of societal constructs, one thing you experience with stark clarity is that your ‘otherness’ is not a welcome addition to the fold. Your fringeness is not a construct that is embraced fully by the ‘pearly gates’ of the greater society. You are different. You are the apple that will cause rot to the fabric that is holding the greater society together.

Here is the thing: Your originality is not welcome. Why be different and original when you can simply duplicate and conform? You are a rebel. Your thought processes are not welcome in a society that covets and holds close to their chests the constructs of conformity.

‘There is an order to how your life shall be played out,’ society instructs you. The conformers press upon you to follow their way of life. Their life, their rules. Such notions become shattered into smithereens when the fringers and rule breakers decide to take a stand and protest the ever so rigorous tightly regimented constructs of society that are suffocating to the ones who cannot follow their regimented and segmented rigmarole rules.

The fringe dwellers and ‘others’ are sick and tired of being pressured to conform to constructs that they can neither resonate with nor reconcile with.

What the fringers and others wish to tell the greater society at large is that they are original and not duplicates. The rebels refuse to abide by rules that are not meant to make their lives more fulfilling and meaningful.

‘To hell with societal constructs that seek to chain us to the ground and make us live inauthentic lives that are rife with pretentiousness and plasticity, ‘ the fringers chime back with a resolve that has been molded from decades of living a life of ‘otherness’ that has been frowned upon by society at large.

‘We are not duplicates, but fully original in how we perceive our lives and our ways of being. We don’t have to conform to society at large to live rich lives full of rich experiences. We don’t have to have a tenure in the rat race mill for our lives to be approved of as the right path towards success. We don’t have to become duplicates and be robotic in our movements just to fit in. We are original in our fringeness and otherness.’

‘Heavy burdens are placed upon us to be products of a society that prices conformity above all other commodities. We are tired of being scrutinized from top to bottom to identify loopholes that don’t exist or shouldn’t even have to exist if we are to be accepted for who we are.’

‘Different is good. Otherness is good. Why then, society, do you bash those of us who choose a different path in life? Not all of us will follow the coveted rat race. directory-1161965_1280Some of us are happy following a path that though different from your own, brings us fulfillment and happiness.’

‘Is happiness not the most important thing, society? We ask this because we are befuddled. Are all those self-help gurus lying to us when they say happiness is the key to unlocking greatness? It sounds true and carries weight. Happiness is the key to living a robust and healthy life.’

‘Why should it matter in what channel it presents itself? Surely my originality that doesn’t stem from conformity should matter just as much as yours does? It shouldn’t matter, and yet you make it matter, society. This has to stop now. We are all different and that is how society was meant to be.’

‘Embrace our differences and our otherness and we, in turn, will embrace you. Don’t discourage originality, no matter what form it takes. Support us and throw the baton our way for us to carry for the generations to follow.’

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