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A very good high school friend of mine used to utter this statement with so much zest, ”Nothing gives me the kicks like a really good challenge.” That statement stuck with me and has motivated me  to approach challenges with oomph and with the mind-set to take  from each challenge a lesson that will contribute to growth and more learning. It made me realise that if we are going to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be then the onus is on us to give ourselves the challenge towards excellence. Challenge in the context of this article is about pushing yourself to tap into potential you did not know you have. Challenge in this context is about you making a declaration to your amazing self to push beyond what you have done thus far. It is about you doing away with self-limiting beliefs.

We make the mistake of seeing a challenge as a difficulty that seems insurmountable when we should approach it from the perspective of learning and growing. Granted, some challenges will sap the energy out of us and take their toll on us, but even with that, the resounding message should be one that speaks of a greater yearning for enlightenment through learning and wanting more growth for yourself. Growth is an important aspect of the human life span that should be in every transitional period of your life.

”Nothing gives me the kicks like a really good challenge” is a mantra that speaks volumes in terms of how one approaches hurdles, obstacles, the big bad wolf with its menacing fangs. One cannot deny that it is a motivator. It stands proud and begs to be utilized to its fullest extent.

It never ceases to amaze me how we find ourselves under-utilizing our capabilities. Are we afraid to shine brighter than Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds in the sky?’ Are we so afraid of unleashing our fullest potential because we believe it is only reserved for certain people on the other side of the theatrical curtain? Are we so afraid that we have so much power that we will not be able to handle the effects it leaves in its wake? Was this perhaps what Marianne Williamson (and reiterated by Nelson Mandela in his inauguration speech)mulled over when she came with this life-changing quote,”Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure?” These questions seek to make you pause, ponder and mull over the depth of thinking to challenge the way you approach challenges. If you had hitherto approached challenges with the mind-set to get them out of the way as fast as possible but with no depth to your approach then perhaps these questions will cajole your thought process to hopefully ignite a spark of renewed gusto to seek for enlightenment through learning and yearning for more growth.

Take that statement and make it your mantra. Are you venturing into uncharted territory and perhaps need motivation to get cracking and go guns blazing? Take this mantra. Take your challenge and allow it to give you the kick in the right direction. Make that business idea come to life. Breathe fire into that vision that has been causing you sleepless nights and have not as yet executed it. Get cracking and make your challenges your life-long apprentices. They will certainly contribute to your growth, to your development, to the impact you make in the lives of many as you seek to provide solutions and solution-based approaches.

Get cracking! Buy that feather duster and dust off the dust that had accumulated as a result of dormant ideas that await execution. Challenge yourself to achieve more. Take the path towards enlightenment by learning and yearning, by growing, by overcoming hurdles, by seeking more and wanting the best for yourself.

”Nothing gives me the kicks like a really good challenge ” should henceforth be your mantra. Say it with conviction and face each day with an inner force that speaks of meaningful endeavours.

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