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Free thy spirit, let my dreams roam free

Dismantled fragments
Yesteryear yearnings
Unfulfilled desires
My soul screams
Untapped dreams
Breaking out of their shell
The excruciating agony
Fears abound
Chaining me to the ground
Akin to a persistent dog hound.

My spirit yearns for desires further afield
Dreams floating on magical spheres
Squashing fears like a bug
My spirit yearns to travel
Across the seas
Through mountaneuius terrain
Across the vast oceans
Exploring different countries
An explosion of exotic goodness grazing my eager lips, with eager anticipation
An explosion of senses.
Oh my!
Euphoria feels amazing!
This is what dreams are made of.

But for now
My stars are misaligned
I missed my turn
To tap into astrological magic
Where dreams lay plentiful.
Where did I go wrong?
Did I pass the fountain of knowledge?
That which is the elixir of enrichment?
I shudder to think that I missed this
I couldn’t have.
I am filled with hope
To see my dreams through to the end
This is my declaration:
Today I stand tall
My dreams will be fulfilled
I will leave a legacy
With that I say:
Let the success flow into my life
Like beautiful rivers rich with life
I am ready for greatness to caress me
I am ready for success to find me ready
Dreams, you are mine.
I own you.
I will fulfil my desires for greatness.
My soul is teeming with optimism.


©2017 Sakhile Mogale

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