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Finding Your Voice In The Midst of Chaos

As human beings, we are deeply driven by our emotions (and not rationale, contrary to what many will have you believe). Emotions drive us to do seemingly impossible feats and conquer seemingly impossible dreams. You see, when you are driven by a deeper desire to see the world around you change, you cannot be swayed otherwise.

There is great power in speaking to the universe and looking deep within yourself and recognising that YOU are the one that will change the course and steer the ship to different oceans.

Your emotions move you towards a particular road in life. The question becomes : in modern day society that is constantly feeding us with different ideologies and barrages us with never-ending information, how do you find your voice in the midst of this chaos? While the answer to this question is simple on the surface, it is laden with layers of complexity.

The simple answer to that pertinent question: you find your voice by knowing what your strongest emotions drive you towards and extracting that voice to be the loudspeaker in your life to speak for you in all you do.

Now, let’s unpack the layers of complexity. Sure you have deep desires to change the world around you and stamp firmly your presence in a competitive world. But there are niggling obstacles you have to deal with along the way.

Resistance is the first obstacle. I’m talking about resistance by naysayers who will give you umpteen reasons why you should not extract your voice and stay within the confines of comfort.

These people are the ones who tell you to stay in your comfort zone and not dare to dream big. That kind of resistance, if you are not careful, can reel you back into the arms of comfort if you don’t have the perseverance to see things through. This brings me to my next point.

Just as you will undoubtedly come across resistance by naysayers, you will also face resistance within yourself. Oh, this one is by far the most lethal! Think about it for a second. It all starts with you.

When you are driven by deep emotions towards a certain path and you want to change so that you become the person you need to be to travel that path, you will face resistance within yourself. By nature, with the exception of a few, humans are resistant to change. We tend to fall back on what we know and find comfort in.

If you want to change and steer your life in a different direction, you MUST resist the plush cushion of comfort and push through the thousand doubts in your head to embrace uncertainty.

It is said that what you seek is found on the other side of comfort. I can attest to this saying. As a person who has ditched conformity in favour of pursuing my dreams, I have found that you learn SO MUCH more when you challenge yourself to explore uncharted waters. What that teaches you is that you should not be afraid to do what you’ve never done before in order to achieve what you’ve never achieved before.

The resistance within yourself comes in knowing that to get to where you want to go, you need to change you current behavioural patterns that are slowing you down. I will give an example with myself as a frame of reference. I am driven by a deep emotion and desire to change people’s lives through the power of words. I am a writer, editor, proofreader and aspiring author who desires to publish books throughout my lifespan (well, from the day I publish the first book, the tone will be set).

In order for me to set on this path of being a creative, I had to work on my habits. Yep, habits are the biggest resistance within yourself you will ever come across. Doubt pales in comparison. You can work on doubt when you have the right habits.

The first habit I had to cultivate was self-discipline. I already had this in small doses, but I needed to up the ante. Nothing moves you to work like self-discipline. It propels you to push through the days when the going gets tough.

Discipline and persistence are in fact bosom buddies. They complement each other. Which brings me to persistence. This one is the strongest of them all. If you don’t cultivate this one, you will easily give up and go back to what you know.

Persistence tells you to push through the fog and trust your path. When things get tough, and they will, persistence is your faithful companion.

When you understand the role of resistance, you are able to circumnavigate around it to propel you forward. Resistance is not all bad. It teaches you to fight for what you want. If you want something badly, that is, your dreams to come true, you will do what it takes to be the person you need to be to achieve them.

Once you have unpacked the layer of complexity that is resistance and you work on it, you find that your voice deep within becomes much more audible. You are able to hear louder the echoes of your dreams and desires.

The chaos that is within you quiets and in its place a consistent unwavering emotion lays its roots. This unwavering emotion is the same one that moves you towards your dreams and witnesses your turbine-like work ethic that catapults you forward.

It should be said that chaos within yourself, if left unchecked, can lead you into destructive paths you had not anticipated. That’s why it’s imperative to work on quieting the chaotic voices that seek to distract you from your goals.

How do you quiet those voices? By finding the voice that will surpass the others. You find that voice by identifying what MOVES you. This is where your strongest emotions come into play. Your strongest emotions move you towards the journey you desire.

Once you find those in the midst of chaos then you are one step ahead of those who are still drowning in the sea of voices disrupting their course.

Finding your voice in the midst of chaos is not easy. We are not immune to influences around us. What separates those who find their loudest mouthpiece from those who don’t is that the former fight against the tide of conflicting and bad influences and ride the wave of good influences, whereas the latter drown in the sea of multiple conflicting influences and do not surface above them.

Challenge yourself to live your truth. Find your loudest mouthpiece and use it to change the world around you. Find your voice in the midst of chaos. Your voice deserves to be heard. Use it to inspire change, conquer your fears and achieve your dreams.

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