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Don’t Forget

Don’t forget who you are and what makes you whole
Don’t forsake your humble beginnings
Those very beginnings that moulded you
Into a whole being with a thousand
And one thoughts of success
And making an impact in the
Lives of many.

Don’t forget the tremendous pain
That gave you many a sleepless night
In an attempt to understand life’s harshness
When the venomous poison seeped through
Your fragile veins.

Don’t forget the hearty moments
Made by the amazing people in your life
Who have helped shaped who you are
As you walk tall today with an air
Of confidence and radiance.

Don’t you dare forget the parents
That sacrificed many of their desires
To see yours come to fruition
And to see you smile at every turn
And shield you from life’s big bad wolves.

Don’t forget
Not even for a moment
That life is a continuum
And a series of events
One after the other
Filled with memories derived from
Hedonistic pleasures and
Excruciating pain.

Don’t you dare, dear being
Forget what makes you whole
What motivates you
What drives your passion
And what gives you contentment
And peace within yourself.

Just don’t forget…

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