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Dear 2017, What Mysteries Do You Have In Store?

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” – Rainer Maria Rilke. Rainer speaks truths here. Every year is one filled with mystery. No year is the same. “Full of things that have never been ” is quite apt. Every year has its set of triumphs and challenges. Every year has newly carved out paths and terrains.

Dear 2017, what adventures do you have in store for us? What lessons are we supposed to learn – with fervour and trueness of spirit? As we start on the first day of 2017 – whether tentatively or on full roller-blade mode – one question we ask ourselves is this: Dear 2017, what mysteries do you have in store for us?

2017, here is something you already know. You know that we have already set our New Year’s Resolutions with the intent to see our resolutions through. On this first day of 2017, we have penned down our resolutions and our expressions are filled with gusto and action-oriented motives and goals. Before you mock us and laugh in our faces that we will probably fall flat on our faces and not stick to our resolutions, hear us out first.

Dear 2017, the reason our resolutions did not work in 2016 was mainly because we did not take our goals as seriously as we should have. We were not as consistent and as motivated as we should have. We gave up at the slightest challenge and provocation. We had too many commitments that distracted us from our main goals. The question you have to ask us now is: have you learned your lesson? The response is an emphatic YES! Going into your year of mystery dear 2017, here is what we have to say for ourselves: we are committed, now more than ever, to realize our goals. Once bitten, twice shy, it is said.

What do you have in store for us, you mysterious 2017? Well, whatever beauty and challenges you have in store for us, we have one thing to say to you that will unfold in its wake a trail of chain-linked events. What we have to say is this: We are ready for you, 2017. Being ready encompasses a wide spectrum of analogies, but the premise of readiness stems on being prepared to plunge into unknown terrain and exploring new avenues.

agenda-1928416_640When your mind is ready to explore new adventures, it has firmly planted a seed of growth and willingness to learn. When we say we are ready, dear 2017, what we really mean is that we are going to kick ass and make your year one you can be proud of. We will win those medals. We will have our articles featured in prestigious publications. We will get those promotions. We will make those businesses successful. 2017, we are ready.

Whatever mysteries you have in mind, we are ready to embrace them and make them our own. Enough of staying in comfort zones that are not yielding the much needed progression that will set a chain of events leading to successful endeavours. Enough of the small fry. We are in it for the big guns. 2017, this is us telling you to get ready to accommodate a whole bunch of determined kick-ass individuals.

As we toast to the new year of 2017, the words coming out of our mouths are: WE ARE READY!

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