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De-cluttering Your Life : Remove The Old To Make Way For The New

We go through a myriad of phases as humans. We go through phases where chaos in our lives is a constant battlefield. In the midst of said chaotic phase, we say we are managing and organising our chaos well. Oh such lies! How do we tell ourselves such lies when we are swimming – no, make that drowning – in our own chaotic whirlpool?

The truth is, even though we are meant to survive anything and bounce back, it usually helps to limit the amount of chaos in your life. How do you do that, you wonder? Well…it all starts with de-cluttering your life. ‘ Such hard work!’ You exclaim. ‘Where do I start?’ Well, you simply start small, is the answer.

The simplicity of de-cluttering your life is so shocking that had you known the answers so many years ago you would have started the process with fervour and commitment.

How do you start with the process? It all starts when you identify a new level of achievement/success that you want to attain. It all starts when you realise that your current path is not giving you the rosy ideals you had about your journey in life. We all have those moments where we make an assessment about our path in life.

Once you have identified what this new level of attainment is, you then have to look at how you will achieve said milestone. Achieving something new often means dismantling past methodologies and trying something new that will bring about a fresh dynamic.

What this means is that you have to be ready to let go of the sinking ship that is holding you back and make it your mission to climb out and land to shore.

Letting go of old constructs often means taking a microscopic view of our entire map of life and determining what the roadblocks are so that we can proceed to untie the Gordian knot of complexity.

Untying the proverbial Gordian’s knot means being brutally honest with ourselves about what is working and what isn’t.

The process of de-cluttering your life should be done at ALL levels : physically, emotionally, spatially, you get the picture. Start with your clothes. What old clothes are you not wearing anymore that are just taking up closet space? Give those clothes to the needy. They will put them to better use than you – they are after all just taking up space in your closet without much use.

Be brutal when sorting out your clothes. Do not fall into the trap of being too sentimentally attached to your clothes. If you do, you are doomed because that closet will never get cleared! Take out the clothes you do not wear. Period!

You will realise that this simple exercise of clearing your closet space will prove to be pivotal to your next journey. Taking out the old allows in its stead the new: new clothes and new approach to life.

The mystery demystified about humans is that when we want to change, we must change on EVERY level. The simple change of removing old clothes is empowering. It shows you that you have what it takes to tackle more emotionally-charged issues. That’s the next step.

Once you have de-cluttered your space, start tackling the emotional roadblocks in your life. What/who is holding you back? How are you being held back?

Once you have identified the answer to that question, proceed to the next step : removing the toxicity that is impeding your progress. Again, be brutally honest here. Something/someone pulling you back is not good for you. Period! There is no way this one can be sugar-coated. If you want to get to the next level of success, you must let go of bad influences.

So you have de-cluttered your physical and emotional space. Kudos! Celebrate this and take in your moment of victory. It may seem like a small feat, but a feat it is and like any progress made, it is imperative to take pride in your efforts. You are making yourself a better person by removing toxicity in your life and decreasing clutter in your life.

When chaos threatens to invade your meticulously de-cluttered fortress, resist it with all your might. You worked hard to be where you are today. Don’t allow chaotic endeavours to interrupt your flow.

Continue de-cluttering your life until you can honestly say you are ready for new endeavours and that you have space for them. Nothing thrives beautifully in cramped and claustrophobic spaces. To make your plant grow, give it space and light. The same analogy applies to your life.

To pave way for new beginnings, let go of old chaotic systems and adopt new ordered systems.

Are you de-cluttering your life to pave way for new endeavours? Leave a comment and share your story about taking your life to new heights.


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