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Dance, The Heartbeat of Life

“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them,” so says Vicky Baum. I am inclined to agree. Dancing is one of the most beautiful forms of expression known to man. It is an energy-induced, heart-pumping, rhythm-galore form of expression. It is beautiful. It screams freedom at every turn. You let your hair down in complete abandon. Every move you have learned from the day you are born comes to life. Dancing seduces you and caresses your body into rhythmic moves of sensuality.

When you dance, nothing else matters at that particular moment. One could go as far as saying it brings one to the now, the most powerful ‘ I am here now’ moment. Dancing gives one the exhilerating feeling of ‘ I am alive and kicking.’

For those who take dancing on a professional level, they could go as far as say that dancing is transformational in nature. Through dance, you learn more about yourself, about what moves give you the best feeling of self-expression, and of course a myriad of beautiful feelings that come with tapping to the beat and dancing like no one’s watching

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Whether you are dancing alone in the comfort of your own home or dancing the night away at a club with dizzying disco lights, fully immerse yourself in the expressionism that is dance. You are dance and dance is you. Dance is life. Dance as much and as often as you can. You will be a happier soul for it.

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