Trying To Live Rent-Free In My Head? I Think Not!

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You know those thoughts of persona non grata that try to permeate your thoughts with an invasiveness that sucks up your brilliantly formed mind. You know those unwelcome thoughts about people who have brought nothing but pain in your life. How to stop being engulfed by them in their entirety? Stop allowing these thoughts and […]

I Am Still Waiting For Your Promises Of Utopia

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You seductress, you took it upon yourself to completely dismantle my carefully, meticulously created constructs. You detonated the walls of my resistance with an atomic bomb. ‘Bang bang bang’ went the sound of gunshots ricocheting after your complete and utter dismantlement of the walls I had carefully constructed around me. You caressed me with your […]

When Clarity Becomes The Much Needed Friend

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clar·i·ty [klar-i-tee] —noun clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. Have you ever experienced that moment of lucidity where everything just falls into place? For the first time in a long time, you have perhaps finally hung the boots and called the chickens to roost about a perception that […]

Is Simplicity The Ultimate Sophistication?

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‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’ so chimes Capitec ever so vigorously in their bid to sell the dream of convenient banking. ‘Keep things simple,’ says an enthused Richard Branson – a renown billionaire entrepreneur who has dismantled the status quo with every morsel of his entrepreneurial bone. Why is Richard Branson telling us to keep […]