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Call Me Whatever You Like, But Never Call Me Unambitious

I know that you are throwing daggers and arrows my way. I know that you are the first person to celebrate my low moments. ‘She fell again,’ you say with pride and conviction. In your mind, I am nothing but a loser who can never seem to get a firm gripping on life. You cannot fathom how I could ever be successful. Heck, I am the one you speak about at your cosy quant cafes with unparalled enthusiasm about my seeming lack of progress.

Here is the thing: You don’t know me. You don’t know what I think about when I’m in a deep state of contemplation. You don’t know my dreams and goals. You don’t know what I have sacrificed to get to where I am today. You know, if you were to walk a mile in my shoes, I bet the boots will prove to be too heavy for you. It’s easy to talk, but can you walk the walk? I bet your footsteps will falter.

You know, while you are talking about me behind my back spreading all sorts of lies that you have conjured up to make yourself feel superior, I am out there going for my dreams guns blazing, enjoying every moment. Sure, I might not seem like the epitome of success in your eyes, but who cares? I don’t care about your perceived indicators of success. My clock doesn’t tick at your bidding. I have my own time barometers that I swear by. Your time is not my time.

While you are out there relaying every failure I have endured, I am going for my dream guns blazing. I am rising above the failures. I am learning from my failures. I am moving forward. Are you? Are you really moving forward if all you do is berate my seeming lack of accomplishments? Ask yourself that.

Let me tell you one thing about me: you can call me whatever you want, but don’t you ever call me unambitious. Do you want to hear a story about how I knew that I was ambitious? Of course you won’t admit to the curiosity you have about this story. Let me tell you, to save you the embarrassment.

You see, as a young girl I always knew that I wanted to be something extraordinary in life. I always knew that mediocrity and I don’t gel together. Here is the thing: greatness does not come to you in an instant. You have to work hard and smart to attain a respectable reputation.

Greatness doesn’t come with knowing that you are capable of achieving your life’s ambitions. It comes with knowing that when you eliminate yourself from the course you founded, it will operate efficiently and effectively. It is knowing that you are but a passage to a larger room. You are but a messenger to the greater message. I am rambling now. Let me get to the point.

Greatness is achieved by accepting all your failures. In your eyes I seem like a failure because you think I haven’t achieved what I set out to. In reality I am stronger because of all the hardships I have faced. Failure makes you stronger. It makes you distinguish between the wheat and the chaff. I may have failed in your eyes but I am successful in mine. My magnifying glass is pointing me towards success everyday. And so, day by day, week by week, I toil and sweat to attain what I believe is what I deserve.

I know you think I’m a failure. The stark truth is that when you have progress in your life, you have success. You become what you think about. Call me whatever you like, but never call me unambitious. Day by day, I work towards my goal. Nothing worthy has ever come simply or fast. It takes time. It takes effort. Dammit, it takes every ounce of strength to preserve even in the face of adversity.

Don’t call me unambitious when all I think about is my next move towards achieving my goals. I know, I know, you don’t see the results in the form of an affluent lifestyle. Don’t rush me. I’m taking my time. I need to learn the game and master it. Don’t underestimate me. You can call me anything you want under the spectrum of the sun, but don’t call me unambitious. I’ve got my eye on the price.

Don’t let my ‘easy-go-lucky’ attitude fool you. I work like a turbine on steroids when I’m in the comfort of my own home. I think you get an idea of the kind of person I am. Let’s talk about you. Why are you so obsessed with my failures? Please answer me honestly.

“I have always admired you. I always admired how you could be brave enough to go against the current. Damn it, I was jealous. You don’t care an iota what anybody thinks of you. Do you know how cool that is? Of course I know you are ambitious and that you will succeed. I was just…overcome…with…jealousy. How do you do it? How do you not give up?”

The answer you seek lies in believing that you deserve the best that life has to offer. You must refuse to accept anything less than what you deserve. Don’t allow others to get the better of you. You know what your dreams are. That’s all that matters.

Fight for what you love. Don’t be the one that spreads gossip about others at cosy quant cafes. Own up to your shit and start setting goals for yourself. Don’t ever, ever, call others unambitious. You don’t know where they come from and what it took for them to be where you see them today. If you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes, you will never understand. So, you know, cut the crap. If you are dissatisfied with your own life, own up to that shit and get cracking.

Before you call me unambitious, let me impart some words of wisdom to you. Whatever you conceive with your mind you shall manifest. When I started on my journey of entrepreneurship, it was one hell of a roller coaster : scary, but fun.

woman-446670_640Never have I felt alive in my life as I did with every waking day of this journey. Sure, on some days you want to curse the gods for unfavourable odds. But not today. Today you are filled with utmost pride and beautiful tranquility. ‘This path is meant for me, ‘ I muse. I got carried away there.

Back to the gist of this article. Here is the thing: don’t assume that others are unambitious just because you deem yourself ambitious. No one who hasn’t gone through a similar struggle could ever identify with another who hasn’t gone through the same motions. Your thinking is not completely off track though. Let’s face it : not all of us are ambitious.

Others are content with going wherever the wind blows. They don’t have ‘ world domination goals’ that will change the paradigm of existence. They do, however, have the goals that set them towards their intended immediate path. It never fails you to look at what you can achieve now and run with it.

Follow your instincts. Get off your ass and start cracking. Don’t allow others to call you unambitious when you know deep in your heart you are the epitome of ambition.

Start telling others: tell me whatever you like, but never call me unambitious.

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