Behind The Writer


The Passion-filled Writer

I resonate deeply with Voltaire’s words when he said,“Writing is the painting of the voice.” As a Freelance Writer, I am privileged to utilize my writing ability to ‘paint the voice’ to readers and clients’ work. When I think of writing, I am instantly consumed with passion and vigour that is unparalleled by any other undertaking I have made in my life. I will probably sound cliché if I say this: writing is my passion that emanates from the core of my being. It sounds cliché, but its something I feel with every waking day.

The reason I started my blog tentatively 2 years ago was to share my insights with readers and create an interactive hub. While I did not initially take to writing on this blog on a more consistent basis, ever since I made the habit of writing articles at least twice a week, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my work.

I ask myself this question: why should a prospective client choose me for their writing works? Here is what I have to say for myself:

  • I can make even seemingly ‘boring’ concepts fun and interesting.
  • I breathe life into every word I come across. Here is the thing: words are connectors. Every word you use tells a story. Every word is a sum that contributes to the whole.
  • My passion for writing and editing runs through my veins. No persuasion needed to get me to do my job. I love it, it comes naturally to me.
  • I refuse to render bad quality work. Bad quality and I don’t gel together. You need not worry about whether your work will be of high quality and standard; I already hold myself accountable to render works of exceptional quality and standard.

As a passion-filled Freelance Writer, I have found my niche writing areas. My primary areas of interest are:

  • Travel/Lifestyle content articles
  • Business/Entrepreneurial articles
  • Product Reviews

As a writer, I am always open to new areas of writing and as such should not be limited to the niche areas above.

Would you like to hire a Freelance Writer who will breathe life into every word of your content? My contact details are as follows:


Facebook Username: Sakhile Mogale

Twitter Handle: @Sakza

Let’s begin the journey and paint the world in words!