Be Kinder To Yourself : Press the brakes and pause

When it comes to achieving our goals, it is so tempting to be the hardest on yourself and the harshest critic on self. The thinking behind that is that you have to push yourself the hardest so that you achieve massively and extraordinarily.

While one can be lauded for the commitment it takes to achieve one’s goals, it should not be forgotten that mental health is imperative. When you are constantly stressing about the next milestone instead of just appreciating the current milestone you have reached, you find no real sense of celebration for your achievements.

Be kinder to yourself. Take that nap you need when your eyelids are heavy with sleep. Be kinder to your body. Push yourself ,yes, but also take the time to rest and recharge. It is true that nobody else but you is responsible for your commitments to your goals; personal and professional. Be that as it may, working yourself like a horse without rest is not the best course for working steadily towards your intended goals.

Press the brakes once in a while. Take the time to look at the progress you have made thus far in pursuance of your goals. Are you measuring your progress? Remember that progress is better than none at all. Committing to making even one small change a day is infinitely better than not honoring your commitments.

Any notable success requires commitment. Be kinder to yourself by tracking your steps. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t immediately see the results of your progress. Success can NEVER be achieved overnight. Remember that, always. You are a step further than the person who talks about making changes but makes none. Action changes things. It always does.

Be kinder to yourself by taking that much needed break. Go to a new place you had never visited before. Take in the different environment and learn something from it. Soak it all in. Be a sponge for new information, new cultures, new terrain, just be a bloody sponge for knowledge.

Still working yourself to a pulp? Take a moment to breathe in the air and smell the coffee ( or tea, if you are not the coffee type). Press the brakes and pause. Your goals are still very much intact. Keep working at them, but also remember to take time to breathe and refresh.

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